Citing federal concerns, New Mexico city denies marijuana ads

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A medical marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had visions of advertising on the sides of buses, but local transit authorities rejected the ads, citing concerns about federal law and grant funding.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Ultra Health dispensary was seeking to place ads on the vehicles featuring photos of people of various ages and ethnic groups as well as the slogan “Your Health. Our Commitment.”

The city’s legal department, however, said any marijuana-related ads displayed by the Transit Department are prohibited by federal law, regardless of New Mexico’s MMJ laws.

This is another example where local governments have barred marijuana businesses from advertising.

And, while the industry seems to be gaining some momentum when it comes to mainstream advertising, cannabis firms are having success on a case-by-case basis.

Boston’s public transportation system, for example, refuses to allow marijuana companies to advertise, but California and New York have signed off on such efforts.