CO online wholesaler partnering with cannabis software firms

Colorado-based online wholesale platform Cannabase has entered into exclusive partnerships with seed-to-sale tracking software companies MJ Freeway and BioTrackTHC.

The partnership, announced by the companies, will bring new weight to Cannabase’s pricing and inventory information, given that it will now be backed by MJ Freeway’s and BioTrackTHC’s data. In a pair of news releases, Cannabase said the arrangements would provide:

  • Streamlined buying and selling transactions to deliver real-time instantaneous execution and real settlement
  • Improved product and price transparency
  • Increased opportunities and prospects for sourcing and selling

“MJ Freeway’s integration with Cannabase will bring solutions that automate the cannabis wholesale exchange, improving the speed and transparency of transactions today and creating a national network of buyers and sellers that can be quickly and compliantly united when the federal landscape changes,” Amy Poinsett, co-founder and CEO of MJ Freeway, said in a statement.

The partnership also mark yet another formal business cooperation between three longstanding cannabis companies that all have an eye on the future. Cannabase was recently acquired by Helix TCS, a publicly traded firm which also has marijuana interests in security, compliance, financial consulting work, and more.

As the industry grows, more such partnerships, mergers and acquisitions are a virtual certainty.

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2 comments on “CO online wholesaler partnering with cannabis software firms
  1. clif on

    What a coincidence – BioTrack’s government relations guy had his LinkedIn account hacked, many of us gor a “sorry” note from him – that plus the past security problems BioTrack had doesn’t imbue a lot of confidence in their security – and all those names and addresses they have !

  2. John Tirabasso on

    These type of deals basically are doing an end around on the wholesale business. At some level they are solving part of the problem which is having an electronic marketplace. As a wholesaler, my experience is that “growers, want to grow” and they are not salespeople and don’t want to be. These type of systems are side steping what dispensaries really want… easy and consistant access to the products they want when they want them with no fuss or muss… In this “smart phone/digital age”, we are beginning to see a movement to personal relationships in business. The technology is awesome as a tool, but “can I please just talk to a real person to handle my transaction, set up delivery when I need it.” Aunt Mary Distribution uses superb “digital marketplace” technology, but your service and transaction will be handled by one of our professional staff.
    Don’t fall into this trap of “peopleless systems” to do business……..
    Our website is under construction, but look for us by the middle of September! We are an Oregon company…

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