CO Still Not Done Cracking Down on Edibles?

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Marijuana-infused edibles manufacturers have been dealing with round after round of new regulations as the recreational market in Colorado grows and changes. On Monday, a state commission is slated to discuss even more possible rules.

According to the Associated Press, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment will propose that the state require “premarket approval” for any edibles before they hit shelves in marijuana stores. The plan is part of an ongoing concern that edibles are still too hard for kids to identify when they’re out of their packaging, and the health department wants to do its best to ensure that children don’t mistake cannabis-infused products for regular candy or food.

Just a month ago, the department faced down an uproar from the marijuana industry after a separate proposal was floated to ban nearly all edibles in Colorado.

The commission will make recommendations to state legislators, so no final word will likely be heard until next year, after the 2015 legislative session begins.