Colombian government’s antidrug stance could boost legal cannabis industry

Colombia cannabis law, Colombian government’s antidrug stance could boost legal cannabis industry

A harder stand on drugs by Colombia’s new president won’t have a negative impact on the country’s burgeoning legal medical cannabis industry, according to executives in the country – and it could even be a positive development for the sector.

President Ivan Duque signed a decree on Oct. 1 banning the possession and use of illegal drugs in public spaces, including small quantities for personal use, countering a Colombian Constitutional Court ruling that took effect in 1994 and was reaffirmed in 2012.

Duque has been in office since August this year.

Executives of medical cannabis companies told Marijuana Business Daily that they don’t expect the new decree to negatively affect the legal medical and scientific industry.

Instead, the crackdown on the illegal market could boost reliance on legal – and safer – regulated markets.

Regulators are operating slower than usual, said Santiago Piadrahita, CEO of Extractos Doña Blanca, a late-stage applicant in Medellín that is pursuing the active pharmaceutical ingredients niche, but that’s not surprising in the early months of a new government.

He said Duque’s focus is on eliminating “micro-trafficking” – the small-scale sale of drugs – near schools, where dealers had few restrictions.

The measure will affect illicit sales of unregistered homemade marijuana and coca topicals, as well as other products commonly bought on the street to treat pain.

Julian Wilches, COO of Bogota-based Clever Leaves, a fully licensed producer focusing on export markets, is confident the new government won’t roll back the legal medical cannabis framework.

However, there is some uncertainty about how the new authorities will continue to shape the industry, he said.

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One comment on “Colombian government’s antidrug stance could boost legal cannabis industry
  1. Monica Pua on

    The move to prohibit the minimum dose in Colombia by current President Duque, goes against more than two decades of Supreme Court rulings allowing it. And all these rulings set up the bases for the development of Colombia’s medicinal cannabis industry that goes back more than a decade. Before Tilray, Pharmacielo, Canopy et al landed in the country.

    Former president Alvaro Uribe tried in a referendum to prohibit the “minimum dose” many years ago, and the country voted it down. This new ruling by President Duque, which by the way was never articulated nor debated during his presidential campaign, is for sure going to be deemed unconstitutional and stroke down again.

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