Colorado Candidate Suggests Repeal of Amendment 64

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez (pictured) suggested during a debate Thursday evening that voters should be asked to repeal recreational marijuana.

That assertion drew a swift condemnation from the Marijuana Industry Group, one of the leading state cannabis associations, which called Beauprez’s suggestion “misguided.”

“Repealing Amendment 64 would kill tens of thousands of jobs, destroy thousands of businesses, and return us to a failed policy that emboldens the black market and drug cartels,” said Michael Elliott, executive director of MIG. “Coloradans want this. Marijuana legalization passed with 55% support.”

, Colorado Candidate Suggests Repeal of Amendment 64

Elliott asserted that since recreational sales have begun in Colorado, the state has seen drops in teen marijuana use, traffic fatalities and violent crime, while tourism and the economy have been booming.

Beauprez, who is trying to unseat Gov. John Hickenlooper, made the statement after saying that he had heard concerns from healthcare professionals about possible neurological damage to young adult brains from marijuana use.

Hickenlooper also made comments this week that cast a negative light on recreational cannabis, saying he thinks the state was “reckless” when voting to legalize marijuana in 2012.

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9 comments on “Colorado Candidate Suggests Repeal of Amendment 64
  1. Kevin Spence on

    Oh that’s BS! His epiphany was an opportunity for him to SHOW his “Prohibitionists self to everyone. There’s no hiding from it. A vote for this guy’s a VOTE to return to the Failed War on Drugs and having Kevin Sabet in charge! Thanks but no thanks!

  2. Windy City on

    …once again, in an election year, politics will trump actual science and statistics, and superstition, guided by the “Reefer Madness” philosophy, will once again attempt to create a citizenry that will blindly follow politicians who have been bought by anti-industry lobbyists.

    This is their chance to rewrite history and facts.

    Hopefully, it will not succeed, thanks in great part to the availability and access of studies, once prohibited, now being made that prove the benefits of legal marijuana far outweigh the disadvantages…

  3. Jahpharmer on

    We saw a very similar Republican challenge California’s “Compassionate use Act of 1996” in 1998. The second time around an even larger percentage of California voters re-
    approved their legal right to access cannabis based medicines. It shut-up the “moral majority” then, as will a revote in Colorado if Beauprez gets elected…slim chance, IMHO
    Beauprez is doing classic pandering to his Republican constituents. Colorado voters should pass a law making such ill-conceived legislation’s costs financially loaded onto the the loser…like in civil suit cases where the loser is responsible for paying court costs additional to other fines. Folks in Colorado have already spoken, stop paying for challenges, make the challenger pay!

  4. victoria smith on

    Bob Beauprez is an out-of-touch Tea Partier. He might sweep the votes in Yuma and Grand Junction, but he will get soundly defeated in the Denver-to-Ft. Collins urban areas. As BothWays Bob knows from 2006, losing the urban areas means losing the race (by 17 points!). Repeal Amendment 64? Only by a vote of the people, and that won’t happen.

  5. PCB Inc. on

    Maybe they should get educated ablout alcohol damage to teen brains? These guys toast with martini’s a political victory @ their glory parties and snub medical marijuana. Helping children. Politicians are worse than vaccuum door to door salesmaen

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