Colorado eases hiring process for cannabis firms eyeing casino workers

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In a positive business development for Colorado’s marijuana industry, state regulators are allowing cannabis companies to hire casino workers during the coronavirus crisis without having to obtain any additional credentials.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division established the emergency rule easing hiring requirements for the state’s marijuana businesses because casino employees and cannabis workers undergo similar background checks, MED spokeswoman Shannon Gray told the Denver Post.

Nearly 9,000 casino workers were furloughed when Colorado’s governor ordered the state’s casinos to close on March 17 in hopes of slowing the coronavirus, according to the newspaper.

Marijuana companies, by contrast, were classified as critical businesses that can remain open during the health crisis.

Gray said the marijuana division is “considering all viable options for businesses to maintain continuity of operations that are consistent with social distancing requirements.”

She noted, however, that casino workers must be licensed by the Colorado Limited Gaming Commission and cannabis companies should alert the MED about prospective hires from that industry.

State-legal marijuana businesses across the U.S. are struggling with balancing staffing and the bottom line as the industry grapples with COVID-19.

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