Colorado lawmakers approve marijuana home delivery, near final OK with social use

Colorado marijuana bills, Colorado lawmakers approve marijuana home delivery, near final OK with social use

Colorado legislators OK’d a measure that will usher in new cannabis market opportunities by permitting home delivery and edged closer to providing final approval for on-site marijuana consumption – two measures that could boost MJ sales.

The Senate approved the delivery bill by a 20-14 vote Wednesday, then passed the social use bill by a 23-12 margin.

The House previously approved the delivery bill, so that measure now goes to Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, for his signature.

Polis has expressed pro-cannabis sentiments.

The social use measure was amended by the Senate, so it needs to go back to the House for final passage before it heads to the governor’s desk.

Here are some key marijuana business aspects of the bills:

  • HB19-1234: Allows licensed firms to deliver medical cannabis to private residences beginning June 2, 2020, and recreational marijuana starting June 2, 2021. Only existing marijuana license holders will be eligible for delivery permits in the first year of the program. Beginning June 2, 2021, third-party transporters may obtain delivery licenses.
  • HB19-1230: Allows on-site cannabis consumption – contingent on local authorization – at licensed “marijuana hospitality establishments” such as cannabis cafes, dispensary tasting rooms, marijuana bus tours and designated areas of hotels. The licenses can be issued starting Jan. 1, 2020. In Denver, two cannabis tour operators were issued citations last year, and this bill could help resolve legal uncertainties that have existed around those particular businesses.

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One comment on “Colorado lawmakers approve marijuana home delivery, near final OK with social use
  1. Graham Hooper on

    Kind of Strange a Smoking Venue that is Not Allowed to Supply or Sell Cannabis. 420 Friendly Live Music Venues that could only Survive with Alcohol Sales and Door Charge for Band..DJ. Smokers Lounge or a Cafe that Allows Cannabis Smoking in Smoker Zones.Imagine a Music Venue without Alcohol ,a Cannabis Friendly Place that Does not sell Cannabis? Amsterdam has “Coffee Shops” that sell Hash and Buds. and it will be 2 Years before you Home Delivery for Recreational.but Medical ok by Next June. like ordering a Pizza it will be all by Ph Go to Page Click on Bud/Strain of Choice Then Amount then Pay by Ph and Hit Send. No Cash All paid in Advance including Delivery Fee. But i am From New Zealand and in 2020 we get to Vote on a Cannabis Law Change.. We were First to Give Women the Vote ,Changed Homosexual Laws Made Gay Marriage Legal, and Prostitution Legal .but so Slow on Cannabis Law reform. the Most Harmless Herb that Helps so many people from all ages and Walks of Life, as it has been used for Thousands of Years.With no Overdoses or Known deaths.

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