Colorado PTSD Decision Disappointing for Dispensaries

Colorado dispensaries won’t be allowed to sell medical marijuana to patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after a state board rejected a proposal to add the aliment to the list of qualifying conditions for MMJ cards.

The decision is disappointing for businesses that focus only on medical marijuana, as the addition of PTSD could have helped boost their patient base.

Medical marijuana users pay considerably less in taxes than consumers of recreational cannabis in Colorado, so some patients with PTSD who are buying from rec shops now might have switched to dispensaries if they could get MMJ cards for their specific ailment. Additionally, some cities have banned recreational marijuana, so patients with PTSD have to drive far to visit rec shops.

But it likely wouldn’t have had a dramatic impact, as many PTSD patients already have medical marijuana cards currently for chronic pain.

The vote against adding the affliction highlights the lack of scientific studies into the effects of marijuana as medication. At least two board members voted no due to the lack of science supporting claims that cannabis helps those with PTSD.

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8 comments on “Colorado PTSD Decision Disappointing for Dispensaries
  1. Cheryl on

    BS. Some fellow patients deal with this and is a legit problem. Wake up please for their sakes. You send people to war and expect them to deal with the results which usually are PTSD and worse.

  2. calicorock on

    Forcinh sick veteran’s with PTSD into State recreational stores is TERRIBLE !. This is what Coloradoan’s should be gathering signatures to change. NOT the ability to use marijuana in barroom’s full of booze-hounds.

  3. Johnny Korell on

    You tell them Cheryl. Can you imagine what these soldiers are going through. These solders like the soldiers of Vietnam have seen some horrific stuff and these solders actually volunteered to joined in a time of war.They truly deserve some relief from the madness they have been through. No disrespect for Vietnam Vets. I had friends that never came back from there and they are still there in their sleep.

    • Cheryl on

      My brother and husband in the war too but in Germany as support. I’ve met a few vets who came back and were not treated well. One wanted to kill himself because lost his leg didn’t think anyone loved or wanted him anymore. Though a young teenage stranger I tried to tell him to live and survive. To look for good too and find happiness. Always thought of him hoping he did it.
      Another patient where I go has agent orange poisoning and the kind people at dispensary help him.
      Another vet told me he was homeless and just hated people because were so mean to him. Hope he’s doing better too. Many good lives worth saving!

  4. Michael Minardi on

    Even if there are no studies on PTSD there are many studies on many of the symptoms of PTSD.
    Its also possible Many PTSD patients would need the cost break if they are on a limited income.

  5. Bo on

    Makes perfect sense. We wouldn’t want anything harmful to happen to someone the JUST CAME BACK FROM WAR!!!! Wtf kind of logic is that? Sending them to be blown up by IEDs perfectly acceptable since they volunteered. Them smoking a little pot (scientifically proven to be less lethal than an IED) voluntarily is not. Yep that makes perfect sense so long as you don’t actually think about it!!

  6. gloria on

    Yes, again, what in the world are these idiots thinking? Everyone should get together & file a huge class action lawsuit, at the very least against those 2 people, if for nothing else, very simple “DISCRIMINATION” Who are they to think they have the power to determine that MJ won’t help the people with Ptsd, or even have the audacity to say there isn’t enough scientific evidence. Just a shame! Sue those 2 board members & have them removed!

    • Cheryl on

      I agree with you all. We have to find our voice together. Now my doctor cannot help with other issues like high blood pressure which he saved my life. I went to him for help was very sick and he helped me like others. My mom and very good friend like many others who died because of hypertension. The silent killer
      I go to work every day and struggle like a lot of others.

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