Connecticut limits booze sales on holidays, but marijuana allowed

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Alcohol sales aren’t permitted in some stores on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in Connecticut, but consumers can buy marijuana and gamble.

According to West Hartford TV station WVIT, package stores must remain closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Manufacturers aren’t permitted to sell liquor, and grocery stores cannot sell beer on the two holidays.

However, restaurants and other establishments that sell food are permitted to sell alcohol on those days in Connecticut.

The state launched recreational cannabis sales on Jan. 10, roughly 18 months after the governor signed a legalization bill into law.

Bryan Cafferelli, commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection, advised those in the state to stock up on booze ahead of time and that recently legalized adult-use cannabis and gaming would both be readily available during the holidays.

“Because we regulate many things you may be wondering about, Connecticut Law does not prohibit the sale of cannabis, or limit your ability to place wagers during the holidays,” Cafferelli said in a statement to WVIT.