VIDEO: Coronavirus’ impact on the cannabis supply chain

Click on the video below to see Marijuana Business Daily’s Bart Schaneman discussing how COVID-19 is affecting the worldwide marijuana supply chain.

The health crisis has revealed fragility in the cannabis supply chain – from vape hardware to marijuana packaging – but it also has shown that MJ companies can shift quickly to develop creative solutions to address these kinds of business challenges.

Another video focusing on the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on the marijuana retail market is available here.

Bart Schaneman can be reached at [email protected]

For more of Marijuana Business Daily’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the cannabis industry, click here.

One comment on “VIDEO: Coronavirus’ impact on the cannabis supply chain
  1. Michael Ward on

    I’m a permitted cannabis cultivator in northern (the better part) California and I ‘m wondering is there a cannabis biomass shortage ? Because I’m saying there still a lot of grower looking to sell biomass.


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