Cresco Labs growing jobs in Illinois as adult-use marijuana looms

Chicago-based Cresco Labs is more than doubling its workforce in Illinois as the multistate operator prepares for the Jan. 1 launch of recreational cannabis sales in the state.

The company, expected to close its acquisition of Canada-based distributor Origin House by Nov. 15, said it is hiring more than 300 people in its home state in a number of areas, including cultivation and production, Chicago TV station CBS 2 reported.

The news comes as several companies in the cannabis industry are slashing their workforce amid missed revenue targets and a lack of profitability.

Cresco trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange as CL.

More details on the Cresco hiring can be found here.

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2 comments on “Cresco Labs growing jobs in Illinois as adult-use marijuana looms
  1. Glenda on

    I thought for sure the Indiana legislators and Eric Holcomb would sign the bill to legalize at least the medical marijuana especially after the way Eric Holcomb our Governor set down with the News media and was telling them he had nothing bad to say about marijuana because him and his college buddies would smoke marijuana at parties and they would really enjoy the relaxation of it and that they wouldn’t wake up all hung over the next day either but they didn’t sign the bill after all he said he wouldn’t sign it unless it becomes federally legalized and taken off the scheduled one drug list so it turns out Indiana Hoosiers has a hypocrite for a Governor he sure didn’t care about upholding the law when he was in college and believe me if he would want it today he would have it.

  2. Jann Layman on

    I’ve learned so much from your news feeds. Thank you for wide spread of Marijuana facts and updates.
    However, please give some updates for the backwards states ie:NC if any hope for medical. At 61 we can’t just pick up and move. We have to obey State Laws.

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