Denver businesses losing interest in onsite cannabis consumption

Nearly all the businesses that had expressed interest in taking advantage of a new voter-approved initiative to allow onsite cannabis consumption say the initial regulations governing the issue are too burdensome.

And that means the city’s social use plan may be for naught.

One of the campaign directors for Denver’s Initiative 300, which city voters approved last year, said during a public hearing this week that “99%” of businesses that considered applying for a social use license are “no longer interested” because the rules would be too difficult to comply with, the Denver Post reported.

Opponents of the strict regulations argue that the compliance costs are too high to make onsite consumption worthwhile for businesses, since many would have to shell out for extra security, walled patios and improved ventilation.

In addition, the proposed regulations include thousand-foot-setbacks from child-care businesses, drug and alcohol facilities, and city-owned recreation areas and pools, the Post reported. That means the only places that could even qualify for social use permits would have to be near the edges of the city or in industrial areas, essentially ruling out most entrepreneurs who’d been hoping to take advantage of the new business model.

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3 comments on “Denver businesses losing interest in onsite cannabis consumption
  1. Cactus Bill on

    Most folks could see that coming. While initially a fun idea, the realities of segregating consumers of MJ from consumers of alcohol (who do not enjoy MJ), presents the practical conflict of a business needing revenue from as much square footage as possible. What percentage of floor space for each?

    I can’t see a “mixed use” establishment unless it is primarily an MJ “bar”, where patrons can expect to be exposed to MJ.
    Then there’s the tobacco cigarette issue. Let’s face it, only 10% of Americans will tolerate 2nd hand smoke from any substance, and that’s beside the many restrictive ordinances against indoor or even “doorway” smoking.

  2. Cactus Bill on

    Forgot to mention another – very important – problem for “MJ Bars”.
    Local cops already stake out night clubs and bars known to generate DUI. Don’t ya just KNOW that the PO-lice would set up on MJ bar parking lots like vultures. EZ-PZ revenue stream for their towns and counties.

  3. Tony on

    Why can’t we model this voter approved concept after the Amsterdam MJ Social Clubs? Regardless, the main point to consider is that Innovative minds in Denver cannot be defeated. There are far too many progressive minds in our city and we will find a way around all these harsh regulations. Perhaps, we should also take into account just how much alcohol has a long historical presence in the state of CO and their power to sway the opinions of lawmakers and regulators. MJ social clubs could mean much less alcohol sales. Yes? No? May be so?

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