Detroit medical marijuana dispensary sues over licensing deadline

An unlicensed medical cannabis dispensary in Detroit has sued the state, just days before regulators are poised to shutter shops that have not obtained appropriate permits.

Green Genie filed suit to allow unlicensed dispensaries to stay open past a March 31 deadline, reported.

Roughly 50 dispensaries are facing cease-and-desist orders after that deadline.

For more details about the situation, click here.

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One comment on “Detroit medical marijuana dispensary sues over licensing deadline
  1. Taichi 14 on

    The Board selected by the State to oversee and decide who or which entity would receive permits has been shown to be extremely subjective, political and corrupt. To that point the newly elected Governor has directed the aforementioned Board be dissolved and hopefully the State will begin allowing permits to be given to the applications who fall within the parameters of the ‘Rules” and not judged by whims of biased, prejudiced and ethically questionable ex-police officers.

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