Ex-officers of MMJ company charged in illegal transport

Two former employees of a multistate medical cannabis company have been formally charged with illegally transporting MMJ products across state lines, from Minnesota to New York.

Both defendants, once officers of Minnesota Medical Solutions, were charged Friday with unlawfully taking cannabis oil from Minnesota to an MMJ facility in upstate New York, the Albany Times Union reported.

The newspaper said the two were the former chief medical officer and the former chief security officer. It didn’t quote either individual.

Vireo Health, the parent company of Minnesota Medical Solutions, holds MMJ licenses in both states. The defendants, according to the charges, were taking cannabis oil from Minnesota to Vireo’s facility because marijuana plants grown by the company in New York were “inadequate to make medicine,” the Times Union reported.

A third defendant is also expected to be charged in connection with the case, according to the Times Union. But the company itself will not be charged with any wrongdoing.

However, it’s still unclear as to whether Vireo will face any repercussions from the case, as MMJ program regulators in both New York and Minnesota have thus far declined comment. A company spokesman told the Times Union that the firm is cooperating with law enforcement.

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5 comments on “Ex-officers of MMJ company charged in illegal transport
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Americans are suffering and dying without safe and legal access to cannabis oils and various other medical products, which are now legal to produce in almost 30 of 50 states. I know the odds against them are terrible, but all of the defendants in this case should appeal straight to the United States Supreme Court. They could easily prove despicable crimes are being relentlessly perpetrated against sick and dying people under the fraud known as federal Schedule I “marihuana” law—especially the part claiming that cannabis flowers have “no currently accepted medical use.” That is a bald-faced lie, so Vireo Health employees should instead be applauded for taking the risk to make real medicine available to New Yorkers. Federal agencies, and the heartless bureaucrats who occupy them for entire careers (and who then have the gall, until their own deaths, to bilk U.S. taxpayers even more by living large off pensions), have relentlessly blocked the interstate commerce of all cannabis products for almost 80 years. It’s time to start filing charges against those same agencies for smothering an industry that literally saves lives, with a total annual worth to the U.S. economy estimated in the tens of billions.

  2. T. Goodall on

    A double edged sword, we in the business know that there are rules and regulations that HAVE to be followed in order for the federal government to take us seriously. Sometimes the regs don’t make sense, or are frustrating, but to risk everything that you (a business) have worked so very hard for does not make sense. Be patient and keep working within the law. Good luck everyone!

  3. Rick on

    Once you cross state lines, you become the Provence of Federal regulation. Nonetheless, for the future of legal cannabis… this is a case that will open more eyes to the futile challenges of maintaining any unreasonable prohibitions. The Genie is out of the bottle. Just treat it as alcohol and tobacco are regulated. Why reinvent the wheel? The cannabis electoral college majority have already voted. You’re only delaying the inevitable.

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