Facebook Shuts Down NJ Dispensary Pages

Where’s Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook, the billionaire behind a marijuana legalization effort in California, when you need him?

Facebook shut down the pages of at least three medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey on Tuesday, and possibly a few more in other states, according to The affected New Jersey dispensaries are Breakwater Wellness and Treatment Center in Cranbury, Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center in Bellmawr, and Garden State Dispensary in Woodbridge.

The two other New Jersey dispensaries, Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair and Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor Township, also have Facebook pages but were unaffected by the closure as of Wednesday afternoon.

Officials with Breakwater and Compassionate Sciences told the news outlet that when they tried to open their Facebook pages on Tuesday, they were greeted with an electronic message that said: “We remove any promotion or encouragement of drug use.”

Dispensary owners said the closures hurt them and their patients. New Jersey’s five open dispensaries each have websites, according to, but the state’s medical marijuana law restricts what they can advertise on them. So instead, they post available strains, prices, and other information on their Facebook pages.

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  1. tony on

    Its about the mixing if mj and mainstream media. It does not matter if its illegal or not its still classified as a Drug. Ask yourself this honest quite estion would you want your 13 year old that sees an ad for mj at such an early age. I am for ending prohibtion but let’s be real it should be obscene and not in mainstream media as some was sh it to be . its like porn we know its there and where we can find it. It should only be advertise with companies not in the main media. Kids will get it when they want it.

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