Female-focused cannabis business accelerator launches first training program

cannabis business accelerator, Female-focused cannabis business accelerator launches first training program

An Oregon-based business accelerator that’s designed to bolster the skills of female cannabis entrepreneurs, boost their opportunities and make their young marijuana firms “investment-ready” has kicked off.

The Initiative launched its first intensive three-month program last week, focused on providing advanced business skills and expert advice to nine early-stage cannabis companies founded or co-founded by women.

“The goal is to accelerate these businesses – help them get exposure and become national brands, and help grow their revenue while in the program,” said Amy Margolis, founder of Portland-based The Initiative.

The program will conclude with the entrepreneurs making pitches for further funding to potential investors.

Margolis said the businesses are looking for $250,000 to upwards of $1 million for their next phase of growth.

The Initiative is co-facilitated by Robin Jones-Maloney and supported by a group of educators.

Sponsors include: New York-based iAnthus Capital; Oregon dispensary Hotbox Farms; the Oregon-based law firm Miller Nash Graham & Dunn; and Nectar, an Oregon cannabis dispensary chain.

The following is a list of the marijuana companies the first group of entrepreneurs represent, and who is being trained:

  • Barbari: Meryl Montgomery and Valarie Cooley
  • Hana Medicinals: Amy Risch
  • Leif Goods: Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake
  • Ma’at Botanicals: Delia Olsen and Luke Olsen
  • Make and Mary: Yvonne Perez Emerson
  • Stoned Free: Heidi Marks
  • The Teapad: Raven Duckett
  • Tokeativity: Samantha Montanaro and Lisa Snyder
  • Verte Essentials: Blair Lauren Brown

The Initiative application information is available here.

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4 comments on “Female-focused cannabis business accelerator launches first training program
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Great little story, Mr. Smith. Thanks! If I’m not mistaken, the ladies and gentlemen of Ma’at Botanicals operate on the principle that a Divine Feminine power is everywhere (as well as within the magical seedless flowers of some rather popular plants;).

    If only such a goddess could wield her power and immediately conquer the mind of every last obstructionist in our United States Congress—that small group of 535 people who, for no acceptable reason, continue imposing the Schedule I “marihuana” nightmare on this whole country.

    Our members of Congress passed the damned law! Their complete failure to repeal that legal gibberish—over an arduous 48-year period (82, really, going back to ’37), is all the proof we need that the legislative branch of our republic no longer functions. Its gridlock on this one issue is despicable.

    • Isabel Papagno on

      Trump is trying to correct this practically singlehandedly. Everyone should contact their congress rep and tell them to support the president on this, like him or not.

      • Lawrence Goodwin on

        Trump is “a businessman,” as his supporters say. He probably sees the unlimited economic value of legal cannabis and therefore may be willing to sign any new law, just as he did with the recent Farm Bill.

        Still, ONLY Congress can repeal the fraudulent Schedule I “marihuana” law that Congress passed in 1970 (please don’t forget how it was signed by Trump’s ideological hero, the late disgraced President Richard Nixon). No sitting president can repeal the Schedule I sham unilaterally and circumvent the legislative process created by the U.S. Constitution.

  2. Doug Calder on

    Let’s face it- men have been destroying this world ever since they started dragging women around by the hair. The ego of men is obsessed with violence and war. Worldwide, we need more, a lot more, women to boot men out of power positions and dominate growth, nurturing and well being.
    The USA has many women who are better than their men counterparts in terms of brains, political savvy, and honest rhetoric. The faster they are promoted the better.

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