In a first, Africa exports medical marijuana to Canada

, In a first, Africa exports medical marijuana to Canada

A Medi Kingdom cannabis field in Lesotho.

(This story has been updated from an earlier version.)

A company in southern Africa has sent the first-ever shipment of medical cannabis from Africa to Canada, a milestone that illustrates the increasing globalization of the MMJ industry in recent years.

The medical cannabis was shipped from the landlocked nation of Lesotho on March 26 and is expected to arrive at its destination in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the coming days, Marijuana Business Daily has learned.

Seattle-based Rhizo Sciences, the U.S. company that has secured an exclusive off-take agreement with Lesotho-based producer Medi Kingdom, said the MMJ will likely be used for research and development in Canada after it receives a Certificate of Analysis from Anandia Laboratories.

Marijuana Business Daily received a copies of the import licenses issued by Health Canada.

The 850-gram shipment was also confirmed with Anandia. The Vancouver company said it will perform analytical testing on the MMJ on behalf of an unnamed client.

Dallas McMillan, Rhizo’s president and co-founder, said his company is in talks to supply vertically integrated cannabis companies in Canada with medical cannabis.

“These exports demonstrate our production and export capability, so we can open the channels for our commercial production later in the year,” McMillan said.

“We have buyers in Canada lined up, but of course they all want a Certificate of Analysis (from a certified lab) before we can really even talk business.”

As the first African nation to legalize medical cannabis, Lesotho has drawn keen interest from international cannabis companies hoping to use it as a staging ground to meet demand in regional African markets and overseas.

Last week, Toronto-based Supreme Cannabis announced plans to invest 10 million Canadian dollars ($7.7 million) in Medigrow Lesotho.

Meanwhile, licensed producer Verve Dynamics, an investee of Toronto-based Nuuvera, plans to grow both hemp and cannabis for export.

McMillan said one of the reasons Lesotho is getting so much international attention is because “we have strains they don’t have, which may have special interest.”

Countries in Africa with medical cannabis laws in the works include Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

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10 comments on “In a first, Africa exports medical marijuana to Canada
  1. La Finca Cal City, California on

    How are the Cartels Who have ran this Cannibus Biz for so long Reacting to All this legalization and commercializing hemp?

  2. Brett Roper on

    Two pounds does not a market make however, someone smarter than me coined the phrase ‘great storms announce themselves with a simple breeze’ … so I strongly suspect there will always be craft influencers tied to public or private perceptions that will allow for pricing and supply anomalies in what will eventually become a commodity and medical tethered element.

  3. farmer on

    Ha Ha,
    All these guys that think they’ll get rich growing pot inside a warehouse are going to loose their shirts.
    Marijuana will be grown on farms out doors in tropical climates, there is no way an indoor operation will be able to compete once outdoor farming gets ramped up.

  4. Kobus on

    The indoor quality we produce in South Africa is totally awesome, mixed with the different strands available here make it totally worth the indoor effort.
    I Sincerely hope the oversees markets will start having a serious look at what we have to offer.

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