Florida anti-medical marijuana effort vows to raise $10M

A Florida campaign with ties to casino mogul Sheldon Adelson – who helped defeat a 2014 medical cannabis initiative in the Sunshine State – plans to raise at least $10 million to fight MMJ legalization this fall, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Florida real estate executive Mel Semble is spearheading this year’s drive to kill a legalization ballot initiative. Sembler, founder of Drug Free America, helped raise roughly $7.5 million to oppose the 2014 measure, roughly $5 million of which came from Adelson.

Orlando attorney John Morgan leads the effort to legalize MMJ. Morgan told supporters via email Monday: “I’ve got a message for Mel Sembler. BRING. IT. ON. No amount of money and lies are going to stop us from winning this time.”

The 2014 legalization push fell just short of the 60% needed to pass. Under Florida law, a ballot initiative needs a supermajority to become law. Morgan and United for Care attribute much of the failure to misleading advertising, paid for by Adelson and Drug Free America.

The latest polling data suggest support for legalization exceeds the 60% threshold. A Public Policy Polling survey last month found that 65% of Florida voters support the initiative, which has already qualified for the ballot.

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8 comments on “Florida anti-medical marijuana effort vows to raise $10M
  1. Peace Warden on

    must wonder how much money both of these men have in the paid prison system in Florida? how much in the illegal pain medicine trafficing as well. we here in florida are being held prisoner from clean water as well by these men.

    • OldToker on

      Nor only prison and pain meds……the biggest challenges for ending the war on drugs comes from drug testing companies and rehab facilities that are corrupt as ever. They stand to loose Billions of dollars as legalization moves forward.

  2. Xlntjim on

    END THE WAR ON DRUGS NOW ! All it has done is make private prisons BIG MONEY. The BIG MONEY lobby against making drugs legal so they can make BILLIONS.

    • Marlene Tovar on

      He must be friends with the republicans of this state because they all seem to be against legalization including Rubio who is younger than all of them and knows better about the benefits of medical marijuana. It is so obvious that their ONLY motivation is their own agendas including private prisons and pharmaceutical companies who are lining this state’s politicians’ pockets with campaign donations, etc. It’s time for the people to gather together and make long time coming and necessary change before we all end up in a militarized society with a small percentage of rich people running the world. It’s time for a revolution people and don’t forget to get educated on your local government as well who may be just as corrupt with their own agendas.

  3. Jay on

    Oxycodin and similar pain meds are incredibly addicting and people overdose from these “legal” drugs every day. It’s disgusting that anyone would oppose an alternative to these dangerous drug like medical marijuana.

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