Florida awards seventh CBD license

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Florida will award a business permit under its CBD-focused program to a company that challenged the state’s initial licensing decisions after barely losing out to a competitor.

The development moves Florida closer to settling more than a dozen administrative challenges lodged by companies that didn’t win one of five licenses to grow and sell CBD-based medicine as part of a law passed in 2014.

It also could help alleviate some supply concerns as the state transitions to a new full-strength medical marijuana program.

Florida’s health department decided to grant a license to McRory’s Sunny Hill Nursery, with officials acknowledging that they made an error when scoring applications. It marks the seventh license the state has awarded under its CBD program.

The health department also apparently is close to a settlement with two other companies that challenged its licensing decisions.

According to Florida Politics, the state could be poised to add at least one more license.

The state’s current program is restricted primarily to CBD-heavy medical cannabis, though terminally ill patients can get high-THC medicine.

Under the new medical marijuana law that voters approved last month, the state will implement a more traditional MMJ program in the coming years with a broader conditions list. Companies will also be able to sell high-THC products to all registered patients, not just those near the end of their lives.