Florida Doctor Group Comes Out Strongly Against MMJ

A powerful physician lobbyist group in Florida has announced strong opposition to Amendment 2, the proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the Sunshine State.

In a prepared statement, Florida Medical Association President Alan Pillersdorf said the amendment will have numerous unintended consequences that are serious enough to cause the group to announce its opposition.

, Florida Doctor Group Comes Out Strongly Against MMJThe statement said that the amendment “does not have the proper regulations in place, approves an unsafe method of drug delivery and puts a substance that has drug-abuse potential” into the public sphere.

Amendment 2 – which will appear on the November ballot – is currently polling very favorably, with support running well above with the 60% approval rate required to pass an amendment under Florida law. But opposition by doctors could help sway some voters against the proposal.

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10 comments on “Florida Doctor Group Comes Out Strongly Against MMJ
  1. Terrell Stewart on

    This is just sad quote “a substance that has drug-abuse potential.” And these same men and women prescribe the following,
    Opioid painkillers such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet and morphine have quickly created a health catastrophe in America. Prescriptions for these highly addictive pain relievers have skyrocketed since the early 2000s. More than 40 people die every day from overdosing on them, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Kolodny says opioids are very effective for treating short-term, acute pain. “When you first use opioids, you get a euphoric effect,” he says. “But you have to quit taking them after a few days.” If you don’t stop, the body quickly gets used to opioids and craves increasingly higher doses to get the same effect.

    If you want something to ease chronic aches, do not ask your doctor to prescribe an opioid, says Kolodny. “Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and naproxen are all very effective pain meds with no addiction risk,” he says.

    I wish the medical community would push and push hard for testing of cannabis now!! Push to make cannabis a schedule 2 drug.

  2. Clifton Middleton on

    These folks are representing the pharmaceutical industry and their intentional omission of the thousands of studies indicating the medical benefits of cannabis discredits the organization. But, alas, their are not any cannabis salesmen showing up at doctor’s offices with perks and deals. Yet ….

  3. Pete on

    My suggestion to the Floridians .. boycott doctors that are too corrupt with BIG pharma money in the pockets… thats why they are against it… its pretty plane to see folks!

  4. tim shafer on

    Most doctors are paid off by pharma companies to use their products. Since MMJ doesn’t pay them to use their products they are against it.

  5. Robin on

    From a State that operated the “Oxy Express”
    Online pharmacies and prescribers
    And strip mall Pain Management Boycott these
    MDs. They are in bed with big Pharma

  6. Richard on

    I am a physician and I find the “drug abuse potential” statement ridiculous. Looks like moral opposition has superseded rational medical reasoning and evidence-based medicine.

  7. Paul Shively, EdD, CFO CannaMED Corp on

    The Florida Medical Association has failed to consider the fact that the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida will have the opposite effect of what they fear. Legalization will in fact permit controls over the use, dosage and manner of administration and provide patients a safe forum and educational process. Marijuana is a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals, providing positive patient outcomes, without the side effects and is non addictive. The Florida Medical Associations opposition is archaic and fails to take into consideration the positive effects of CBD’s and the anti nausea properties of marijuana available in wafers, tinctures and edibles as alternative delivery sources. Narrow minded positions such as the opposition taken by the Florida Medical Association further demonstrate the refusal of the medical community to reduce their dependence on addictive medications and accept the role that medical marijuana has in patient care.

  8. jas faemer on

    this from a state which used 89% of all oxycontin in the usa and allowed physicians to prescribe and fill on site. hypocritic oath.

  9. Bruce Munsey on

    My experience with doctors since my moving here back in 2008 has been that they are the BIGGEST PRICKS I have ever run across. They are all about the MONEY and protecting their pharmaceutical income. I didn’t realize that they didn’t do psychological testing to see if prospective doctors are SOCIOPATHS until I saw the way they do things here.

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