Florida high court considers marijuana vertical integration, adult-use vote

The Florida Supreme Court heard arguments via teleconference Wednesday on two issues that could significantly alter the state’s marijuana industry.

One case is a longstanding issue of whether the vertically integrated structure of the Florida’s medical marijuana industry violates the state constitution.

So far, lower courts have agreed with the assertion by the plaintiff, Tampa-based firm Florigrown, that the state law requiring vertical companies runs counter to a voter-approved constitutional amendment that legalized MMJ in 2016.

If the Supreme Court agrees, Florida’s medical marijuana market would open up to stand-alone licensing opportunities.

But a lawyer for the governor’s office argued that the voter-approved measure did not preclude the Legislature from defining how to implement the law.

The other case before the Florida high court deals with whether a recreational marijuana ballot proposal can go before voters.

A group called Make It Legal Florida has abandoned its effort for this year but wants to get the recreational initiative on the 2022 ballot.

An attorney representing Florida’s attorney general told the justices they should keep the adult-use measure off the ballot, arguing that the initiative is deceptive because it doesn’t explain that marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

But Justice Carlos Muniz questioned that logic.

“Medical marijuana is equally illegal under federal law, right? In my five-minute drive to work, I think I passed 10 medical marijuana dispensaries that are there and operating because of the previous constitutional amendment,” he said.

Decisions on the two cases are expected later this year.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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One comment on “Florida high court considers marijuana vertical integration, adult-use vote
  1. Guice Clayton on

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    Our ambitions, our behaviors, Our Whats in it for me?
    Fair enough?
    Greed is behind anything medical pot, from the state’s licensing, only way we can, that Im aware of Arizona, Neveda buy from state dispensary. 300.00 a year arizona dr. Prescription qualifying me to obtain a license to purchase from their license businesses.
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    This Commerce must be brought to its end.Legalize it, nationwide or go worldwide, Our mail service will finally stop loosing $.
    Banking, The selfish once again? Whats in it for me?
    Vote against veterans, while they smoke theirs.
    Everyone? Get your hands out of the cookie jar,
    In allowing and even encourage legislators to do as they have. Get legalized nationwide! Now ????

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