Florida Medical Marijuana Push Faces Stiff Opposition

Medical marijuana advocates in Florida face growing opposition to Amendment 2, the bill to legalize medical cannabis.

On Tuesday, the Florida Sheriffs Association entered the fight with a campaign called Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot, which claims that the bill includes loopholes that will effectively legalize marijuana.

The Vote No on 2 campaign is taking a similar tact, circulating a video arguing that Florida’s law could create an unregulated medical marijuana environment like the one Southern California.

, Florida Medical Marijuana Push Faces Stiff OppositionPerhaps the biggest player to enter the fight is Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who recently cut a check for $2.5 million to fund an opposition group called Drug Free Florida Committee.

Adelson has also helped finance the campaign of current Gov. Rick Scott, who is seeking reelection. Scott is an opponent of Amendment 2.

Scott’s challenger, Charlie Crist, is backed by Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan, who has been one of the largest proponents of Amendment 2. Morgan has spent nearly $4 million backing the United For Care petition initiative, which put Amendment 2 on the November ballot.

The most recent poll puts support for the bill at 70%.

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6 comments on “Florida Medical Marijuana Push Faces Stiff Opposition
  1. HempStaFF on

    What a waste of money! VOTE YES on #2!!! We can do this Floirda – get everyone out to vote!!

    Looking to work in the Medical Cannabis Industry in Florida? Check us out – HempStaff.

  2. Larry on

    Hos can anyone vote against significantly reducing or even eliminating seizures in children. Pot extracts have been proven to do that. Common people! Wake up! The government including the DEA are fighting it for their own preservation. Think how many drug enforcement jobs will be lost if we leagalize medical pot to save our seizure-stricken children, etc, etc, etc.

  3. MR industry on

    The uninformed stupid and ignorant want to keep their Homeland Security drug war budget. as if anyone believes that old worn out message
    “Run to the Hills”
    “Run for your Life”

  4. victoria smith on

    Sheldon Adelson and Rick Scott are against it? Argument enough for any thinking person to vote Yes. Looks like this is a constitutional amendment, and so avoids the silliness that comes with legislative mmj. Good luck Floridians, especially to you Hempstaff. Pass this amendment and I will stop calling your state South Georgia.

  5. Selinder on

    I wonder if Adelson has a stake in the illegal marijuana trade? I can’t imagine anyone with good sense thinking it would be better to continue spending good tax dollars fighting the forever losing battle against the illegal marijuana trade, as opposed to making it legal and using tax income from the legal trade to continue what would likely become a winnable war. Something tells me Adelson isn’t supporting the opposition out of his moral conviction, given his gambling enterprise.

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