Florida MMJ Gold Rush: 60+ Businesses Launch

More than 60 new medical marijuana-related businesses have reportedly incorporated in Florida over the past nine months, the majority in the last 60 days. Although medical cannabis is not legal in the state yet, supporters have pledged $20 million for TV ads to support a November ballot initiative; and 78% of Floridians polled say they support legalizing MMJ in their state.

If the legalization effort is successful, as with other states, the timeline from voting to the first dispensary opening days could be a year or longer. That’s not stopping entrepreneurs from rushing in. “Every Tom, Dick and Harry would love to get into it,” Ken Kavenaugh, who recently co-founded Marijuana Farmacy LLC of Apopka, Florida, told the Sun Sentinel.

, Florida MMJ Gold Rush: 60+ Businesses LaunchAt least three regional trade associations have also launched, including the Florida Cannabis Industry Association Corp. and the Florida Medical Cannabis Association.

Some of these entrepreneurs have a deep and longstanding interest in medical marijuana; others just smell the money. And, some are already reaping rewards by serving this fresh crop of wanna-bes with everything from legal advice to cultivation classes.

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6 comments on “Florida MMJ Gold Rush: 60+ Businesses Launch
  1. Eddie Currents on

    I live in FL and suffer from Glaucoma. I was diagnosed while in college in Ann Arbor, MI, told that I’d be blind by 25 and as that was in the early 70’s, there was no real alternative for treatment and I was told that I should smoke pot. I did. I’m 58 now and can still see. Smoking here is a bit like driving over old ladies or committing murder. It’s virtually a sin to smoke and one has to be VERY careful in obtaining or consuming. I am likely moving back to MI – as you point out, even IF FL approves MM, it will be at least a year before it’s happening and my eyesight just won’t wait that long. I too considered getting into the MM business as my girlfriend ran a nursery for many years and has a truly green thumb. She also understands the commercial aspects of a “growing” business. BUT – I can’t wait any more. The quality of smoke in my area is abysmal and the price sky high. I could pack up and move to MI and be free to treat my disease as I “see” fit (sorry about the puns). Not sure what I’ll do but thanks for your support. You are needed.

  2. Windy City on

    …slow but sure, the educational effort that mmj cures cancers and many other debilitating diseases will be soon understood as the patients taking the medicine with success will be too big to ignore.

    In the end, people do not want to suffer from diseases that can be cured and will let the politicians know by their vote. Slow but sure this includes Florida…

  3. Tudo on

    Just want to be clear on something, if/when this initiative passes in Fla, simple possession of 21 grams or more is still a FELONY in the “sunshine state” yes? Nothing changes in that regard.

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