Florida Could Consider MMJ Legalization in 2015

Medical marijuana businesses in Florida that spent money and time preparing for legalization in the state only to see a ballot initiative narrowly fail in November should keep an eye on legislators when they return to Tallahassee in March.

Because November’s vote was so close – it failed by just 2 percentage points – some Florida lawmakers may be willing to consider MMJ legalization in 2015 rather than leave it to voters the following year since a ballot initiative could take away their power to more-closely govern the industry.

Mid-term voters are usually older and more conservative, so the measure may fare better in a presidential-election year, pro-MMJ lobbyists say.

United for Care will begin collecting signatures as early as next month to put a new initiative on the 2016 ballot. Advocates say the fact that 58% of Floridians voted for the initiative is a clear indication that people in the state want legalized medical cannabis.

Legalization of medical marijuana in Florida could generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually in revenues.

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2 comments on “Florida Could Consider MMJ Legalization in 2015
  1. Frank Panaro on

    I feel legalize marijuana for personal use in Florida truly needs to pass this year.There are millions of hard working Americans, who are proud to live in this great country. By legaliziing marijuana, we keep citizens who choose to smoke a joint as oppossed to alcohol out of prison for nothing. The laws in Florida are draconic and way out dated. I actually left Florida 2 years ago to live in California where all is normal here. I want to come back home to my gorgeous state, but the laws are crazy there, but I pray everyday this law passes so I may return to beautiful Florida asap, where I love so much, but I want to live by the law, so I must wait till this law passes.I am a normal 52 year old man who is hard working, never been in trouble, and live my life as the law states. Please do your best everybody and vote YES for marijuana legalization.

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