Florida Could Consider MMJ Legalization in 2015

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Medical marijuana businesses in Florida that spent money and time preparing for legalization in the state only to see a ballot initiative narrowly fail in November should keep an eye on legislators when they return to Tallahassee in March.

Because November’s vote was so close – it failed by just 2 percentage points – some Florida lawmakers may be willing to consider MMJ legalization in 2015 rather than leave it to voters the following year since a ballot initiative could take away their power to more-closely govern the industry.

Mid-term voters are usually older and more conservative, so the measure may fare better in a presidential-election year, pro-MMJ lobbyists say.

United for Care will begin collecting signatures as early as next month to put a new initiative on the 2016 ballot. Advocates say the fact that 58% of Floridians voted for the initiative is a clear indication that people in the state want legalized medical cannabis.

Legalization of medical marijuana in Florida could generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually in revenues.