Former North Dakota AG leads new group opposing legalized marijuana

As North Dakota voters look to decide whether to approve adult-use cannabis in the state’s November general election, opposition is mounting.

Former North Dakota Attorney General Bob Wefald is reportedly leading a statewide campaign against Measure 3, the ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana.

Fargo TV station KVRR reported that a variety of groups are opposing the measure, including:

  • North Dakotans Against the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
  • Cass County Sheriff’s Office
  • Smart Approaches to Marijuana
  • Greater North Dakota Chamber

Opponents believe Measure 3 is full of potential issues – including a rise in violent crimes, impaired driving fatalities and workplace problems, Wefald said.

Supporters of the ballot measure, including Legalize ND, dispute those claims.

The proposal seeks to legalize marijuana for people 21 and older and also seal the records of anyone convicted of a marijuana-related crime that would be made legal under the measure.

North Dakota’s medical marijuana market could potentially launch late this year.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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6 comments on “Former North Dakota AG leads new group opposing legalized marijuana
  1. Ted Stevens on

    “Opponents believe Measure 3 is full of potential issues – including a rise in violent crimes, impaired driving fatalities and workplace problems, Wefald said”

    Another 76 year old dinosaur that’s been steeped in propaganda for decades and chooses to ignore data. Grow up or go away, old timer. The world has changed and Americans ought to take this market.

    • Randolph Johnson on

      I am 100 percent opposed to legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is a gateway drug and it will lead to a an increase in the other illegal drugs of meth , opioids, crack, cocaine, heroin etc. The younger minor population will get their hands on these drugs and we don’t need that. DON’T Legalize marijuana.

      • John Smith on

        Someone’s been watching Reefer Madness lately. If you have ever smoked marijuana you would understand that everything you just said is inconclusive. All my friends and myself smoke occasionally but have never tried any of the drugs you listed. The only problem we have had is when going to purchase marijuana sometimes we are exposed to a dealer that sells those substances which would be eliminated if there were licensed marijuana dealers that only sell just marijuana. The only reason marijuana was made illegal is because of the paper companies would have gone out of business if the hemp industry thrived, so therefore Reefer Madness propaganda and news about people getting high and committing crimes was printed on newspapers across America to sway the American people’s minds. Your stereotype attitude is dying off as time goes on. It will become federally legal as alcohol kills, not THC.

      • mark robert wilson on

        You are ignorant and ill informed. keep your Reefer Madness-era lies to yourself. wake up ! there are many civilized and well educated nations !!!, not to mention states within our borders including Washington DC, OUR NATIONS CAPITAL…., that have legalized adult recreational use.
        Do you really think you as a North Dakotan know more about this than all these others individuals and Nations?
        Or maybe if you think cannabis legal countries are wrong, maybe we shouldn’t do business with them, like one of our biggest and very lucrative trading partner nations, canada?

  2. Larry Tollison on

    Do no vote for anyone who is negative about legalizing cannabis! Let’s make America great when president Washington grew hemp and everyone else. Tired of seeing American people lied to by elected officials

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