Georgia lawmakers pass bill to open 30 medical marijuana oil dispensaries

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Legislators in Georgia passed a bill that could pave the way for up to 30 medical marijuana oil dispensaries to open in the state, although the law is still awaiting approval from Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

Senate Bill 195 passed through Georgia’s Senate by a vote of 43-9 and through the House by 164-2 before lawmakers adjourned at the end of March, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Georgia approved limited medical marijuana in 2019, although the program has been slow to launch.

Under the program, six producers will be allowed to produce cannabis oil with a THC cap of 5%.

If approved by the governor, Senate Bill 195 would allow five dispensing licenses to be issued to each of those six producers, totaling 30 dispensaries.

Nearly 70 applicants have sought the opportunity to produce medical marijuana oil, the Journal-Constitution reported in February.

At the time, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission said it would have further announcements about the program in “late spring and early summer.”

There are roughly 15,000 registered medical marijuana patients in the state, according to the Journal-Constitution.