Guam clarifies adult-use marijuana rules ahead of new industry regulations

Guam, a U.S. territory, reminded businesses and consumers that recreational cannabis sales remain prohibited until the new rules to govern the industry are completed. 

The Western Pacific island approved the creation of an adult-use cannabis market earlier this year

The Cannabis Control Board has until April 2020 to finalize a set of rules and regulations to enforce the law.

Those regulations will include rules involving the issuance of licenses to operate cannabis retail and cultivation facilities, plus labeling and packaging requirements, advertising restrictions and a seed-to-sale tracking system.

In Friday’s update, the Cannabis Control Board reminded businesses and consumers that:

  • Cannabis consumption for recreational purposes is currently allowed for anyone 21 or older.
  • Possession is legal up to 28 grams (1 ounce) of dried flower, but concentrates and infused cannabis products are not allowed until a licensed retailer is established.
  • Cultivation is allowed on private property for up to three flowering plants plus three non-flowering plants. All plants must be in an enclosed area and out of public sight. 
  • Selling recreational marijuana remains prohibited because the rules governing retail licenses are not yet finalized.
  • Cannabis may be gifted up to 28 grams.

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4 comments on “Guam clarifies adult-use marijuana rules ahead of new industry regulations
  1. August Fest on

    Note: This post has been updated with tenant protections referenced in PL 34-146 The Landlord Tenant Act of 2018 Subsection 48205 Rules and Regulations. (Landlord Limitations)

    Again, no mention of the misinformation about personal cultivation!!!

    3: Can I grow cannabis? The CCB fact sheet is very deceptive, this fact sheet needs further fact checking, and suggests malfeasance.

    The conflict was pointed out by GLB when presented two meetings ago. At the last meeting the Board Chair was asked for the public to review the fact sheet before the vote and access was denied. The Chairperson said “we’re going to be voting on it anyway.” Asked to see the fact sheet after the meeting, and again access was denied. Public comments were cut short by the Chairperson without being able to address the fact sheet.

    Parkingson, was present at the past two meetings, he motioned to approve the list and voted yes, same as all members that were present. Parkinson denied to GRG he was even at the meeting, as reported.

    Cultivation is allowed on property lawfully possessed by the cultivator or with the consent of the person in lawful possession of the property. (This includes a valid lease holder or has permission to occupy the property, e.g. house, apartment, barn, lot etc..)

    The law DOES NOT state you must own the property, or that you must have consent of the owner of the property. However, the law does not prohibit restrictions by the landlord or owner, if they are within all the specific confines established in PL 34-146 SS 48205 Rules and Regulations. (Read your lease agreement.)

    Read PL 35-5 Subsection 8104 (2) (b) Page 9.

    Subsection 9108 The board shall not regulate the personal cultivation of cannabis. Page 26.

    This fact sheet is an attempt at regulating personal cultivation by deception.

  2. Island Girl garden on

    Yes an employer can deny employment to someone who tests positive to marijuana because it’s still on schedule 1 drug and until the Federal government legalize it.

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