Gubernatorial win could mean Kansas push toward medical marijuana legalization

The election in Kansas of Democrat Laura Kelly earlier this month puts a medical marijuana supporter in the state’s governor’s seat, and she recently said she senses “some momentum” among legislators to legalize MMJ with strict regulations, The Wichita Eagle reported.

MMJ bills have been considered without success for years in Kansas, even though some Midwestern states have recently approved recreational or medical cannabis:

In Kansas, the election of a medical cannabis supporter “will definitely change the conversation,” said Esau Freeman, spokesman for the pro-legalization group Kansas for Change.

“We’ve had eight years with a governor who would not even hear of it, and now we have a governor who has indicated, if it falls within the right perimeters, that she would sign a bill,” Freeman said.

Previously, MMJ supporters would have had to gather supermajorities in both the Kansas House and Senate to override a likely veto from the previous governor.

With support from Kelly likely, advocates now need only simple majorities in both chambers.

Sen. David Haley, a Kansas City Democrat and medical marijuana supporter, suggests the state Legislature will approve MMJ within the next couple of years.

“I believe this issue has support from rural, suburban and urban districts across party lines,” he said. “I think the governor at the top indicating she would sign it is certainly the icing on the cake.”

However, proponents can expect opposition from the state’s medical community.

The Kansas Medical Society, a physicians group, doesn’t support bypassing approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow medical use.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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11 comments on “Gubernatorial win could mean Kansas push toward medical marijuana legalization
  1. Christine Beckley on

    This is an important issue. Weigh the pro and cons and 9 out of 10 times, legalization is the result. Consider opiate abuse… Choosing to feel a buzz is the common goal, face it. Opiate abuse is abruptly reduced in states that have legalized. States in monetary distress have found light at the end of the tunnel through mariuana tax. Crime is diminished, bringing buying and selling out of the shadows. This should be an adult choice, under 21 forget it. With federal restrictions on physician prescribed medicines for chronic pain sufferers, the benefits outweigh those of narcotic pain relievers. Please do the right thing KANSAS: LEGALIZE!

    • Steve on

      I truly believe that it should be adults like me and thousands of others. With Chronic Pain & debilitating health & phycological / anxiety depression etc. conditions. To choose a much less harmful and natural treatment to manage. Conditions. Then the highly addictive and dangerous Drug,s such as opioids. Etc . How many people die every year from. Alcohol, Cigarettes. And prescription meds. Like morphine. Etc. And how many people have you ever heard of dieing solely from marijuana use ? Maybe a hand full compared to the thousands. Of people who die or destroy there life,s & others every year. from Alcohol or alcohol related incidence
      or Cigarettes, prescription drugs overdoses. Or people who go out and commit crimes. To feed there addiction’s. & From the new I keep hearing about other states that have legilizled marijuana. Booth recreational & medical. The crime rate,s are down significantly. The unemployment is down. The School,s and the roads are well founded. Do to the millions in tax revenues. Etc. I could go on and on. About how to me and we’ll pretty much anybody. With any common Horse Sense. Sounds like the pro,s outweigh the. Cons. By a long shot. Not only that but I can’t help but feel that the people of Kansas are Being Done a Great injustice By are legislative body. And here is why. Most every major financial publication I read such as Forbes ink entrepreneur. Ect. Plus major news paper. On how people in the state,s that have legilizled marijuana. People are Cashing in. How it’s creating new business. And jobs. Ect While we the people of the great state of kansas. Have to set back watch the rest of the Country prosper. I would love to be able to open maybe a Dispensary. Or start a growing operation. Or even start a business selling lighting or other equipment and supplies. Contract to build Green House,s , ect. Some news papers are calling the buding. Marijuana industry the new Gold Rush. And if the government of Kansas Don’t Get off there Duff’s And Legilizle marijuana now. All the sake,s will Claimed. And the people of Kansas left to digg in the mud. Anyway this is my thoughts on the subject. And Hope that you will agree. Thank You and have a great day.

  2. Pat on

    Kansas is a farmer state .. and farmers don’t tolerate pot smokers. No profit for them all they know is cattle pig goat farm things.

    • Kenny on

      You must be a big city girl- and city folk don’t tolerate anything they don’t know about. Farmers know a thing or two about growing plants. Plants are farm things. Farmers grow plants for profit. See where I’m going here? Come out to the farm and we’ll spark one up. We’re not predjudiced toward city folk just cause all you know is pavement, smog, noise, a**holes everywhere. You know, city things.

  3. Robert on

    God said may you pluck the buds from this plant and indulge to your liking and use what is left over for “textile purpose”. The burning bush was a cannabis plant. Healing oil was Cannabis oil. I hope farmers take full advantage of hemp

  4. Kenny on

    I realize that Kansas is looked upon as Hicksville and backwards. But Medical MJ is overwhelmingly approved of by Kansans. We now have a bill in the Senate and a separate bill in the House for medical legalization. We also have a new governor who said, while campaigning, that she will sign Medical MJ into law. If we had a little more support from MJ publications and the rest of the country we could actually see Medical MJ in the near future. It is just as important to me, Joe Patient, as to John Patient in Wisconsin. Thank you.

    • Annie on

      Kansas is in a perfect position to become a leader in the cannabis industry. We have the best farmers and farm technology in the world here. We train world class chemists in our state universities. We have some of the best land and air quality in the nation. We all understand the politics behind the criminalization of cannabis in the first place and I think the majority of Kansans are mature enough and intelligent enough to get over it. I would like to see us legalize everything. Medical use is extremely important but it is restrictive and places too much on the medical profession. I feel medical professionals should absolutely be able to prescribe use as they see fit, but the sole burden of the industry should not lie on their shoulders. Kansas should muscle up and legalize adult use. period.

  5. Ken Frederick on

    My daughter was forced to “flee Kansas” in November of 2017 with my 9 year-old grandson who was diagnosed with a particularly devastating form of epilepsy called Doose Syndrome. While still living in Kansas City, he was having hundreds of seizures per day and the doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital discharged him (while still seizing) saying there was nothing more they could do for him. When his seizures became so debilitating in November of 2017, they “escaped” Kansas (where she had been threatened by Child Protective Services with imprisonment and their taking of all three of her children into custody of CPS). They now live in Colorado and my grandson has been treated successfully with medical cannabis since their move. Next week we will celebrate 11 MONTHS of his being completely seizure free! The entire state government of Kansas has, at least until now, been what I call “willfully ignorant” of the overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of medical cannabis, both scientific and anecdotal. Of course, because of Kansas’ draconian laws, my daughter and her family can not even visit family in Kansas anymore. 1

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