Harborside Poised to Open Third Dispensary

It appears that Harborside Health Center, one of the most well-known names in the medical marijuana business, is about to get formal permission for its third dispensary in California’s bay area.

The San Leandro City Council is slated to vote next week on a resolution to award its lone dispensary permit to Harborside, which would be required to pay a hefty $60,000 annual licensing fee and meet other regulations.

The city manager has recommended that the council approve Harborside’s application.

Harborside founder Steve DeAngelo told Marijuana Business Daily in August that he and his brother, Andrew, are eyeing San Leandro as an expansion possibility. The company also won a dispensary license in Illinois and is looking to expand into other markets as well.

In their push for the permit, the DeAngelo brothers submitted a 63-page application packet complete with recommendations and business plans. They pledged that 250 products would be regularly available at the dispensary, promised to offer a range of patient services from yoga to drug abuse counseling, and agreed that 5% of the nonprofit’s gross receipts would be donated to San Leandro and a local community fund.

Harborside San Leandro, as the new dispensary will be called if it receives final approval, would follow the company’s first dispensary in Oakland and second in San Jose.

Neither of the DeAngelo brothers could be reached immediately for comment.

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3 comments on “Harborside Poised to Open Third Dispensary
  1. Sean C. on

    Patients visiting the new Harborside should be aware that every quarter the collective will hand the city a list of every patient, how many times they visited, and what they purchased. There are no restrictions on how the City and the police department store and use this information.

    Here are the relevant sections from the ordinance:

    Within thirty (30) days of the end of a calendar quarter, the Dispensary shall provide the City a count of the total number of members of the Dispensary and the number of Dispensary visits by each member during the previous calendar quarter.
    Within thirty (30) days of the end of the calendar quarter, the Dispensary
    shall provide the City a listing of the medical marijuana products for sale during the
    previous calendar quarter, the prices of such products, and the end of quarter quantity on hand, listed in the applicable units, for each product.
    The Dispensary shall keep accurate records, follow accepted cash handling practices and maintain a general ledger of cash transactions. The Dispensary shall maintain records of all members’ contribution of labor, resources or money to the Dispensary.

  2. Joanie Bell on

    I would assume since mmj falls under healthcare harbor side uses HIPPA standards and uses act #. If not it could be considered a huge violation.

  3. rich key on

    It seems a bit incomprehensible that other medical marijuana shops will not be up in arms about Harborsides tactical through taxation bribery type business relationships dominance of the entire country. this is not close to fair trade. this is monopoly more a form of monopoly . This form of monopoly is constructed of super rich pot dealers then I’m gone legit through the California medical system and have you there 80% markup product profits 2 by Owl City by suggesting it’s a tax . 5% of the Collective gross? As a gift? To the city! Plain and simple, it is unfair for the rest of uswho may or may not participate in such enterprises.

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