Hawaii to Consider Starting Dispensary Program

Lawmakers in Hawaii are debating whether to open medical marijuana dispensaries, a move that would finally create business opportunities in a state that has had MMJ laws on the books for years.

This week, the state Legislature created a 20-member task force to explore the issue. The study is being overseen by the Public Policy Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000, but the law does not specify how the state’s 13,000 or so patients should obtain the plant. As a result, no dispensaries or commercial grow operations exist..

, Hawaii to Consider Starting Dispensary ProgramThe task force exploring the dispensary issue includes four state lawmakers, representatives from Hawaii’s health and public safety departments, and the Honolulu police chief, among others.

The group will meet a total of seven times before making its recommendation in 2015.

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2 comments on “Hawaii to Consider Starting Dispensary Program
  1. [email protected] on

    Chief of police?

    What knowledge does he have in medical cannabis. The police and DEA believe there is NO medical evidence proving the efficacy of cannabis. Of course there is no proof in their ill fact opinions. In fact, there is pages and pages of scientific tests that prove their opinions are wrong.
    Just look at GW Pharm company and its stock price which started in USA 9 months ago on the NASDAQ at $8.00. It closed today at$107.00. Tell them there is no medical benifit. And since we all know there is medical benefit, why should cops be involved with regulation. Do the cops sit in on commetees to regulate pain killers? Booze? NO, they do not. So why should they bog down the already encumbering process of sick people getting to their medicine?

  2. angelo on

    Exactly. Get rid of uneducated old paradigm idiots. We don’t need their approval. They are our servants. If we want their opinion we will give it to them. Like putting a pig on the panel to get its professional advice.

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