Health Canada Recalls Medical Marijuana

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Health Canada has initiated the country’s first medical marijuana recall.

Earlier this week, British Columbia-based grower Greenleaf Medicinals recalled one batch of Purple Kush marijuana that was produced for medical purposes. According to a release by Health Canada, the batch is being recalled due to “issues with the company’s production practices” which were detected during a recent inspection by the government agency.

Greenleaf Medicinals, which is located in the city of Nanaimo, told Health Canada that the batch had been sold to 63 clients. Health Canada is permitting the affected clients to send the marijuana back to Greenleaf Medicinals via a secure courier. The company is also working with other licensed growers to find a new supply for its clients.

, Health Canada Recalls Medical MarijuanaThe recall is the first of its kind for Canada’s medical marijuana program, and it has the potential to hurt Greenleaf Medicinals’ overall business. The company is one of 14 licensed producers across the country, however in the wake of the recall it has been temporarily suspended by Health Canada from selling marijuana.

A Health Canada official said the suspension can be lifted if Greenleaf Medicinals corrects the problem and undergoes another inspection.

Licensed producers are subject to regular inspections by Health Canada, which looks for a range of elements required under Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, such as security measures, inventory review and production practices.