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CBD oil is illegal in Indiana, state’s attorney general rules

CBD oil on Tuesday was officially banned in Indiana – mostly. State Attorney General Curtis Hill sought to end months of confusion by ruling that CBD oils are against the law in Indiana. However, he stipulated that patients suffering from epilepsy seeking relief from seizures may use the controversial oils, the¬†Indianapolis Star reported. The newspaper […]

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L.A. firm aims to boost Colorado hemp farm to 900 acres

A Los Angeles-based real estate company is seeking to expand an 80-acre hemp research site in Pueblo, Colorado, by almost 12-fold, which would make it one of the largest hemp operations in the state. Agritek Holdings – which has water and mineral rights on the 80-acre site it already owns in Pueblo – has been […]

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Hemp growers slowly getting help in battle against weeds, pests

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the November-December issue of¬†Marijuana Business Magazine.) As the hemp industry grows, an increasing number of farmers are finding themselves in need of help combating weeds and pests. Hemp farmers typically lack soil-management expertise and pest-management options, and there aren’t many outlets they can turn […]

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Hemp State Highlight: North Dakota growing lots of hemp, but market potential is limited

Few states are growing more hemp than North Dakota. With more than 3,000 acres in active hemp production and an unparalleled system for getting viable, certified seeds to interested growers, North Dakota could one day be the hemp leader it is for other agricultural commodities from corn to flaxseed.

But North Dakota has natural enemies that can limit hemp’s ability to thrive, as well as manmade enemies that limit the plant’s potential uses.

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US hemp production doubled in ’17, report says

The U.S. hemp crop doubled this year, according to new survey data from a prominent hemp-advocacy group. Vote Hemp counted a total of 23,346 acres growing hemp in 18 states. That’s more than twice as much as hemp land as 2016, when the group counted 9,649 acres growing in 15 states. State licenses to cultivate […]

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