Illinois adult-use cannabis stores might face more shortages

Recreational marijuana sales in Illinois could be hurt by a surge in medical cannabis applications with the Jan. 1 launch of adult-use sales.

More than 2,570 people applied for medical marijuana cards Jan. 1-17, nearly a 34% jump from Dec. 1-17, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Regulators earlier in January warned marijuana retailers they are required to keep enough product on hand for MMJ card holders, which means the stores might not have enough recreational product to meet demand.

Some marijuana stores already have had to temporarily close because they didn’t have enough product.

The increase in medical marijuana card applications is likely a way to avoid paying “sky high” taxes on recreational cannabis, the Tribune reported.

Marijuana Business Daily projects recreational marijuana sales in Illinois could hit $2.5 billion annually.

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One comment on “Illinois adult-use cannabis stores might face more shortages
  1. Michael Trosen on

    It seems that when the Fed finally legalizes mj they will tax it, which will naturally increase the retail price above what it is currently. This will bolster the problem of black market product because the black market will be able to provide it that much cheaper relative to legal retail. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the bm to raise their prices above the legal outlets.

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