Illinois MMJ Timeline in Question

The launch of Illinois’ medical marijuana industry may be delayed even longer.

Outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn has decided to refrain from signing off on business licenses before he leaves office, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. Instead, he will pass that responsibility on to incoming Gov. Bruce Rauner, an outspoken critic of the state’s MMJ program.

Quinn will also tighten rules on the program and sign into law new restrictive powers for the Department of Agriculture. Under the department’s newfound powers, it will be able to suspend and/or revoke cannabis growers’ licenses, the Sun-Times reported.

Rauner, meanwhile, has suggested that the licensing process is corrupt, and he also proposed auctioning off the state’s permits for 60 dispensaries and 21 cultivation centers.

NBC reported that Quinn’s decision will “almost surely lead to further delays” due to Rauner’s opposition to the program, leaving hopeful MMJ entrepreneurs in a cloud of uncertainty.

The licensing process hit a snag late last year when applicants for dispensary and cultivation licenses learned recently that they wouldn’t find out by the beginning of January whether they had been approved for a business permit.

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5 comments on “Illinois MMJ Timeline in Question
  1. Brad Zerman on

    It’s most important that the program be fully compliant with applicable laws and that all applicants be fully investigated to ensure the most qualified applicants are accepted to run cannabis businesses. This is the best way to serve the patients in the long run.

  2. Richard Gaylord on

    people needing medical marijuana can be best served by having access now rather than later. further delaying the implementation of the law only reveals the hypocrisy ofthe lawmakers in naming the it The COMPASSIONATE Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. where’s the compassion in letting patients suffer? and the state needs revenue as desparately as well which they won’t begin to collect until the program goes into effect. Quinn was not only corrupt in the setting up the business end but in the final analysis, he was gutless as well in passing the buck to the new governor. let’s hope Governor Rauner will be compassionate and business-smart and get the program implemented expeditiously.

  3. Jennifer Raynor on

    Although I will be a recipient of Medical Cannabis, I agree with brad z. I would rather see it done properly and to the letter of the law. However, I agree with Richard G. and think that Quinn passed the buck and left everyone “high and dry.” That includes everyone that was given a time frame to do this business properly. Why wasn’t a plan in place before a proposal was considered? Wow!

  4. voklst on

    I’m all for things done ‘right’… I just waited
    2 hours to see the doctor they took yet another woman in front of me….but I can Not complain she said she had terminal cancer. A scarf was covering her bald head and she had a mouth cover on her face. So screw whats right and help the sick, dying, in pain people. Their time is short and their quality of life is in question. The grass is always greener…till its you. And if all those painless folk could live just one day in our shoes.

  5. Mike Leahy on

    I would not be surprised if the law runs out before anyone is able to use their medical marijuana card. Then, if the current governor is still holding his office, he can kill any votes to reestablish the law. The only reason our governor ACTS as though he is going to implement the law is because of lawsuits from those who have invested time and money. DELAY,DELAY,DELAY. It is a Republican thing.

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