Impending ruling on epilepsy drug has CBD industry on alert

, Impending ruling on epilepsy drug has CBD industry on alert

The most disruptive product to hit the newly legal hemp industry might be one that will never be sold directly to consumers.

GW Pharmaceuticals, a London-based biotech company, is awaiting a final decision from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to produce the first cannabis-derived treatment to win approval as legal medicine.

The decision on Epidiolex, which treats rare kinds of epilepsy, would be a seminal moment for the cannabis industry, because it would be the first signal from U.S. federal authorities that cannabis has medical value, despite decades of the drug being officially classified as having “no currently accepted medical use.”

The FDA has approved some synthetic cannabinoid medicines, but none are produced from the plant, like Epidiolex is.

FDA approval for the drug could trigger an immediate cannabis appeal from the nation’s top drug regulators to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, seeking a new classification for the plant that produces marijuana.

That’s a change marijuana activists have tried and failed to accomplish since 1972, when drug reformers first appealed the plant’s Schedule 1 designation.

The FDA will hold a public hearing on Epidiolex on April 19, with a final decision expected by late June.

If GW Pharmaceuticals, which does business in the United States as Greenwich Biosciences, succeeds where drug-policy reformers have failed for nearly 50 years, you might expect cannabis producers to cheer.

Instead, many are anxious.

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8 comments on “Impending ruling on epilepsy drug has CBD industry on alert
  1. Christopher Simmons on

    This government is run by Big Pharma and our politicians are corrupt to the core with Big Pharma lobbying money to prevent Epidiolex from gaining FDA approval. Our FDA is corrupt also. The majority of our senators and congressmen are bought/sold by drug companies. For this cannabis based medicine to be approved, would be a MAJOR blow to BIG Pharma, and I guarantee you that our corrupt system will not approve this medication which has been scientifically proven to prevent Lenox-Gestalt seizures in children in Europe and other non-USA places.

  2. Christopher Simmons on

    If this anti-epilepsy Medicine is approved by the FDA, it would mean that cannabis DOES possess “medicinal value “, and it would have to be taken off of “Schedule 1”. Big Pharma won’t allow this to happen and will call in their debts to the corrupt FDA officials and politicians to not approve this life saving medicine for children with debilitating seizures. I’ll bet a years salary that they will do everything in their power to disapprove this medication

  3. johnny on

    That is the biggest problem over here. The government is run like a third world country and the only way to rectify that is to oust all those low lifes. We are talking about real medical value and the children and adults that this would benefit from this new drug is huge. So those politicians and bought government jerks should be tried then tard and feathered in a public forum.

  4. i502drew on

    How would rescheduling be a major blow to Big Pharma? It would make cannabis-based medicine a controlled substance like any other prescription medication, therefore giving the DEA sole discretion in licensing its production and distribution. It goes without saying that your neighborhood MMJ cultivators aren’t going to get a license…

  5. ian humphry on

    everyone in the world can benefit from this one little plant all the way from ur dog to ur grandparents this country is no longer the leader in free thinking, if they were, we wouldnt be in this situation where a plant is considered a schedule 1 drug. its just stupid. how many of the movers and shakers that publicly are against it privately partake i wonder? i would be willing to bet its more than we think.

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