Colorado Cannabis Market Update: Slowing growth is no cause for concern

Colorado is the second-largest marijuana market in the United States, and it features many large multistate operators.

So it’s valuable to track the amount and growth rate of the state’s published medical and recreational marijuana sales data.

Colorado is the third addition to our new series analyzing the various cannabis data sets published by states. (We previously looked at Florida and Nevada.) The goal of the series is to assemble and analyze state sales, tax and other data to spot emerging trends to benefit your portfolio and any warning flags of potential harm to your portfolio.

Colorado reports medical, recreational and total marijuana dollar sales on a monthly basis. One caveat to note is that the data lags six to eight weeks, so it cannot be used as a real-time measure.

The December 2019 data shows the year-over-year growth rate for total marijuana sales in Colorado have trended lower for the past four months.

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