Introducing Craig Behnke, MJBizDaily’s new equity research analyst

It is an incredibly interesting and dynamic time for the cannabis industry, supported by a massive, long-term-growth tailwind and ample investment opportunity.

For example, there are new product, market and geographic opportunities to explore. The legal and regulatory landscape is shifting daily – and, more often than not, for the positive.

Clinical research is in its infancy and could provide evidence of medicinal benefits for decades to come.

Companies are forming, acquiring and partnering almost daily.

Additionally, investor money continues to pour into the industry at an astonishing rate.

In such a dynamic hypergrowth market, there are tremendous investment opportunities, but there are also significant risks. And there will be winners and losers.

So, I am extremely excited to join Marijuana Business Daily in the role of equity research analyst.

Based on more than two decades of professional investment experience, I am keenly aware of the risk dynamic that comes with such an opportunity.

Before joining MJBizDaily, I was a portfolio manager of two growth mutual funds with $3.5 billion in assets under management. Many of the companies in which I invested had hypergrowth rates, shifting regulatory landscapes and constant, rapid competitive change.

When trying to navigate such territory, information and in-depth analyses of the addressable market, competitive landscape, regulatory environment and management’s vision for a company are vital tools to put you in the best position to achieve your investment goals.

As part of the recently expanded Investor Intelligence team, I will provide you with fundamentally sound, in-depth and unbiased financial, strategic, operational, market and industry analyses vital to your strategic and investment decision-making process.

Over the past several years, hundreds of companies were formed in a land rush to capture a share of the cannabis industry’s exponential revenue growth. Many of these early industry pioneers caught a tiger by the tail and built large, rapidly growing companies.

That is the current cannabis industry landscape. What comes next?

Over the next several years, the cannabis industry will likely face a much different set of challenges that may see meaningfully higher levels of merger and acquisition activity, more strategic partnerships from outside the cannabis industry, larger and more complex capital raises and a requirement for more consistent execution of stated business plans.

With an increasingly crowded competitive landscape, I believe that factors such as management quality, business strategy and operational execution will become increasingly more important factors of business success or failure and. more importantly, your investment performance.

Our Investor Intelligence team is developing a suite of new tools, analyses and market insights that we will introduce over the coming months, and we believe they will be incredibly valuable to your continued journey through the cannabis investment sphere.

We hope you will include us on your journey.