Medicine Man updates revenue for eliminations, announces plan for new name

Denver-based Medicine Man Technologies reduced its pro forma revenue guidance but maintained its pro forma margin and EBITDA guidance via a new presentation filed with the SEC that outlines the story and the vision of the company – including a new name.

Net revenue is lower because of accounting refinements, but EBITDA looks similar to previous estimates and the margins might actually be higher.

The net pro forma revenue will be $144 million after $26 million of revenue eliminations. This means the previous revenue target of $170 million was the gross total of the individual revenue from the target acquisitions.

More importantly, the profitability seems to be basically the same at roughly $35 million of EBITDA.

While the company reiterated its “20-30% EBITDA margin” guidance, Slide 5 of the presentation uses the midpoint of 25% margin on the $144 million to display $36 million in the chart of comparable companies.

Previously, the 20% margin seemed to be more of a baseline at close with hopes to expand to 30%.

The prior 20% margin on $170 million was $34 million, as shown in the below table. The previous high-margin target of 30% margin on $170 million ($51 million of EBITDA) now implies 35.4% margin on net revenue.

This reduction in revenue is really just an accounting adjustment, and the raw-cash-generation potential of the combined businesses should not change much with an accounting elimination.

Prior (Gross) New (Net)
Pro Forma Rev.  $       170  $       144
20.0%  $         34  $         29
25.0%  $         43  $         36
30.0%  $         51  $         43
35.4%  $         51

This change stems from the continued due diligence and integration work Medicine Man Technologies is conducting on pending acquisitions.

As CEO Justin Dye said last week, the acquisitions are still “on track,” with a previously announced target for close in the first half of 2020.

Remember that the these pro forma revenue figures are for 2019, and the Colorado adult-use market continues to grow pretty rapidly despite being termed “mature” as new users continue to enter the state’s market.

At our Investor Intelligence Conference in December, we pointed out that companies that can clearly communicate a coherent message of value creation, strategies and targets with investors will experience a lower cost of capital. Medicine Man’s presentation generally does this.

Slide 8 of the presentation highlights the company’s longer-term goals, including a plan to change the corporate name in the first half of 2020.

Given the number of times we have had to clear up confusion between Medicine Man and dilution-proneliquidity-challenged MedMen, we welcome this decision.

Intracompany eliminations 101: Sales down, EBITDA flat, margins up

Medicine Man’s $26 million change in its revenue forecast comes from removing the revenue from the acquisitions that will become “intracompany eliminations” once the acquisitions become divisions of a single company.

As separate companies, a hypothetical sale of raw flower by Los Sueños to Medically Correct for extraction is accounted for as revenue to Los Sueños and cost of goods sold to Medically Correct.

Medically Correct then selling an edibles product made with that flower to Starbuds is revenue to Medically Correct and COGS to Starbuds.

The final sale of that edible to the consumer at Starbuds is revenue to Starbuds (and a cost to the consumer).

Once the three are integrated under MDCL, only the retail sale at Starbuds will be revenue, and transfers from Los Sueños to Medically Correct and from Medically Correct to Starbuds will be accounted for as cost of goods sold.

In the chart below, for our hypothetical example, the bold revenue gets eliminated with consolidation. For the whole company, transactions such as this account for the $26 million eliminations, and the $170 million figure had added the three revenues in the “separate company” accounting section.

The $144 million pro forma revenue is only the final revenue to third parties (retail consumers and wholesale business buyers) at the end.

Los Sueños Medically Correct Starbuds Consumer
Separate Companies Accounting
Los Sueños to Medically Correct Revenue  COGS
Medically Correct to Starbuds Revenue COGS
Starbuds to Customer Revenue COGS
Consolidated MDCL Accounting
Los Sueños to Medically Correct COGS COGS
Medically Correct to Starbuds COGS COGS
Starbuds to Customer Revenue COGS

Below we update the numbers in our October 2019 Deep Dive to reflect the new $144 million revenue after $26 million of eliminations.

Date Pending Acquisitions Total Consideration  Sales EBITDA EBITDA Margin EV/S Multiple EV/EBITDA Multiple
6/5/2019 Los Sueños (Los Sueños, Farmboy, Baseball)  $      11.9
6/5/2019 Mesapur dba Purplebee’s  $      11.1
8/15/2019 Cold Baked & Golden Works dba Dabble Extracts  $       3.8
8/15/2019 Unidentified Edibles Co (implied to be Medically Correct)  $      17.3  $    13.8  $        2.1 15.0% 1.25X 8.3X
9/3/2019 Starbuds  $      31.0  $    19.0  $        5.6 29.5% 1.63X 5.5X
9/4/2019 Colorado Harvest  $      12.5  $    10.0 1.25X
9/5/2019 Dispensaries dba Starbuds  $      36.9
9/6/2019 RootsRx  $      15.0  $    12.0  $        2.1 17.5% 1.25X 7.1X
9/9/2019 Dispensaries at 35% margin dba Starbuds  $      50.0 35.0%
9/11/2019 Strawberry Fields  $      31.0 18.5%
9/12/2019 Canyon & It Brand  $        5.1  $       3.3 1.55X
Total June-September 2019 Acquisitions  $  225.5  $   111.0 2.03X
1/15/2019 Estimated Medicine Man Denver & MedPharm  $     60.5  $      45.0 1.34X
Total Pending Acquisitions  $ 286.0  $   156.0  $      38.9 24.9% 1.83X 7.35X
TTM Rev June 2019 Core MDCL  $      14.0  $      (4.9) -35.1%
Total Gross Pro Forma 2019 MDCL Revenue  $   170.0  $      34.0 20.0%
Intracompany Eliminations  $   (26.1)
Total Net Pro Forma 2019 MDCL Revenue  $  143.9  $      36.0 25.0%

Assuming the company raises another $126 million of debt – as estimated in our comp tables – which would yield a pro forma leverage ratio of 3.5X on the $36 million of EBITDA (25% margin on $144 million) with a pro forma share count of 93.3 million, Medicine Man Technologies has an enterprise value of $332 million.

This puts the valuation at 2.3X the pro forma revenue and 9.2X the pro forma EBITDA.

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