Key Michigan MMJ Bills Come Down to the Wire

The future of dispensaries in Michigan hangs in the balance as police groups and public health officials rally to stop two key MMJ bills from advancing.

The bills – which have already cleared the state House of Representatives and now need approval from the Senate – would allow the return of regulated dispensaries and edibles use by patients, according to

A controversial provision would also allow medical cardholders to sell up to 50 ounces of excess cannabis, which is causing discontent among the state police chiefs’ association. The association, along with the Michigan Association for Local Public Health, urged senators to reject the bills, MLive reported.

Still, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville is attempting to modify the bills and said both could reach the governor’s desk by the end of the year. The Senate has until the end of Thursday to work through them.

“That’s more than enough time,” Richardville said.

The bills have been on the Senate’s desk for a year despite several attempts to get them passed.

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