LA Council Takes Another Shot at Illegal Dispensaries

Utilizing a tactic it also employed last October, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday adopted a new ordinance prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries from obtaining new business tax certificates.

The measure now needs the mayor’s signature to go into effect.

The move is the latest attempt by Los Angeles officials to crack down on the hundreds of illegally operating dispensaries within city limits.

Though Proposition D, a law passed by voters in 2013, allows for 135 dispensaries to operate in the city, last year alone Los Angeles collected taxes from 447 dispensaries, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. That figure only includes businesses that have paid taxes and not those that really operate on the fringe.

The new ordinance would prohibit city finance officials from issuing business tax certificates to any dispensaries, since those that are in compliance with Proposition D would have had to be in existence in 2007 and would have already had certificates.

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2 comments on “LA Council Takes Another Shot at Illegal Dispensaries
  1. Hastings RH on

    Let the market decide how many dispensaries are viable. 19 million people in metro LA -only a dumbass or a crook would limit number of dispensaries to 135. Oh well it’ll keep prices high and black market alive and well which is probably what the crooks really want

    • Roseann Boffa on

      Of course, that is what their ultimate goal is, keep the Prison Pipeline open for business. More people were arrested after Prohibition ended then during, they are looking to “cash in” on all the court and legal fees.
      What a racket!!

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