Liquid-soluble THC comes to New York as regulators move to further boost MMJ market

In a sign that New York’s medical marijuana market continues to open up, regulators have given approval to an MMJ business to start selling a liquid soluble cannabis powder, a first for the state.

Etain, based in Chestertown, currently is the only MMJ company in the state selling the liquid-soluble THC product, the company said in a news release.

According to the release, the powder:

  • Has no taste.
  • Dissolves in any liquid.
  • Is formulated from pure beet sugar and cannabis oil.
  • Comes in two forms: high-THC and a hybrid THC-CBD mix.

Approval of the product comes as New York regulators continue to ease medical cannabis restrictions in a bid to pump new life into the state’s MMJ program, which has grown slowly since its launch in early 2016.

While Etain is the first MMJ company in New York to offer a liquid-soluble THC powder, similar products are being sold or developed in other states.

Stillwater Brands sells a water-soluble THC powder in Colorado, for example, while cannabis grow company THC Design and biotech firm Made By Science released THC Design Mix powder in California in late 2107.

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One comment on “Liquid-soluble THC comes to New York as regulators move to further boost MMJ market
  1. Sariah Meagle on

    My grandmother might benefit from getting water-soluble CBD products if it can dissolve in any liquid to help her drink more water and ease her Parkinson’s. It’s great that similar products are being sold as well which means that we can buy it at MMJ stores if there’s any available. We might buy water-soluble THC powders once we find some so that she can put it on her juice drinks.

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