Los Angeles County Extends Medical Marijuana Growing Ban

Los Angeles County supervisors voted to extend a temporary ban on medical marijuana cultivation in unincorporated areas of the county by one month.

At the same time, however, supervisors this week postponed a proposed 10-month ban on medical marijuana growing in unincorporated areas, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The issue dates to February, when county supervisors voted for a temporary ban on growing medical marijuana. They also voted to study a permanent ban, citing concerns about environmental impacts and safety.

Supervisors then passed a 45-day ban in April which was scheduled to expire this week.

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said that it only made sense to hold off on voting on the 10-month ban because of a good chance that California voters will approve a ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana in November.

“If they do pass, we must regulate and not ban,” she said.

Marijuana dispensaries are already prohibited from opening in unincorporated areas.

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5 comments on “Los Angeles County Extends Medical Marijuana Growing Ban
  1. 0bama Kush on

    GOD conspired to manufacture seed bearing herbs, with intent to distribute. If seeds do not pass from the bellies of birds, and fall upon fertile ground, they’d grow inside the bird, and cause possible insanity.

  2. William W. West on

    This so called “legalization” is the opposite of what it appears to be. If A.U.M.A. passes this entire industry will be turned into a Monopoly with NO WINNERS! What they are trying to do is take away the rights patients have by voting out prop 215, which was a voters enacted compassionates act, which gave the right to produce and use medical cannabis, there was not to be taxes placed upon it, this all came into play when opportunist attempted to control it, from grow to purchase. Business 101, control the product, you control the prices.

    • Old McDonald on

      Here in Washington state It has happened already. Much of what occurred due to threats from the Feds, who decided our MMJ system was essentially unregulated. So, a year after Rec sales were ‘legalized’, the legislature completely decimated MMJ and turned it over to only those licensed commercially. Where you used to find wonderful cannabis grown tenderly by patients and dispensaries, now it’s all Budweiser.

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