Louisiana medical cannabis sales launch now expected in June – maybe

Louisiana’s first batch of medical marijuana won’t reach the shelves by the mid-May deadline demanded by pharmacists and patients, further delaying the program’s sales start.

But June’s a possibility.

Louisiana State University’s agricultural center, which oversees one of two state-sanctioned marijuana growers, said it now expects to have some cannabis products ready for testing by state regulators at the end of May.

The release to the pharmacy dispensaries will depend on how long the agriculture department takes to do its testing – and on nothing disrupting production plans to get the product to the department.

“We’re moving as fast as we can,” Hampton Grunewald, with the LSU AgCenter, said at the latest public meeting to update medical marijuana supporters.

“There are hurdles that we’re all trying to jump through.”

Even when LSU’s grower, GB Sciences, gets medical cannabis to the shelves, it’s expected to provide only a limited supply for patients with the most severe conditions.

Frustrated that four years have passed since lawmakers created the framework for dispensing medical cannabis, Louisiana pharmacists licensed to dispense medical marijuana and the patients clamoring for it had called for a May 15 product release.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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27 comments on “Louisiana medical cannabis sales launch now expected in June – maybe
  1. Mike on

    Louisiana residents please remember all the delays Mike Strain has caused for delaying medical marijuana to patients come Election Day. Medical marijuana should be legal to grow by patients and caregivers just like it is in some other states. All of these delays have been by Mike Strain the agriculture commissioner due to him having full control of the whole program so he can steal the citizens blind of the money that is generated from the medical marijuana program.

    • Munny on

      Congratulations on such fake people greed and not moving this project forward
      Pathetic loser and fake news @ Louisiana 7.6.19

    • Brittany Mathews on

      Mike strain need stop making road blocks up. He is making Patients suffer from his lack of care about about his state as well as the well being of the poeple in the state I suffer from ptsd an Severe muscle Spargam disorder an yet the state could really care less an control it poeple .

  2. Patrick on

    This is a joke. We legalized medical marijuana but not really. Louisiana politics are a joke. I guess the right palm hasn’t been greased yet.

  3. Lucas on

    More suffering!! I been aprove for medical marijuana a year ago, bet if he was suffering with Fibromyalgia, cervical disc disease, PTSD, major depression, IBS-C and Insomnia he would get off his as# and do something!! Louisiana thanks for letting me suffer more. LIGALIZE CANNABIS AND TAX IT LIKE BEER AND CIGARETTES!!!

    • Cindy Martini on

      You are not the only one who is hurting. I am, too, and what’s more, I am a conscientious voter. I will remember the man’s blatant disregard for those of us who hold out the thinnest hope that we may at long last find healing and relief, thanks to our legislators and the pharmacists and doctors who support us. God bless.

      • Q on

        So challenging downing pills each and every day. Proudly served in the military of our great nation for 34 years and another 5 in the federal service until chronic pain denied my continuance. But you can count on my presents come election day Mr. Commissioner.

  4. mr comer on

    after calling the Healing clinic in Shreveport Louisiana thay told me i would be able to smoke it that it was in bud farm after getting up there and them lieing too me i wasnt very happy so i left told them to call me when it hit’s. i Sulfur from Post dramatic stress/Major depression/Chronic spinal pain. i hurt all the time 24/7 my mind raceing 24/7 and also bad Headaches now. we shouldnt have to go threw this much Trouble to get what we need to help us. even if we could grow 1 plant and smoke it for self Using only would be nice. but it’s all about money we know that if someone isnt happy it isnt going to happin. and im sure some other people are just like me to Afraid of takeing pill’s from the Addiction that come’s with them. i hope it get’s here soon.

  5. Inpatient patient on

    The Healing Clinic in Shreveport has been very honest to me as far as I am concerned. They seem just as frustrated.

    Oklahoma is an example to follow in the south.

  6. Russ J. on

    I hope everyone in Louisiana will never forget the name Mike Strain. I hope no child die’s while he keeps playing these games. I’m one to never wish anything bad for anyone, but this time Strain is just making me hurt more thinking about the children that have Seizures every day and all the other people hurting all due to Mike Strain. This Jerk, Strain has had years to work all this out. You Mike Strain are not fooling anyone. We know what you are doing. He is now just trying to get rich and maybe he should because after this he will not be able to run for anything except the parish line. You, Mike Strain are the kind of people that all of us in Louisiana do not want. Get out of our state and don’t ever come back. I will pray more and it will happen with or without Strain.

    • Tracie Jones on

      Amen Strain needs to pack up his belongings and family we all know how corrupt he is. He will never be elected to any thing in this state.

  7. Kathy Talmadge on

    I’ve been approved for medical marijuana as well. I’ve been suffering since 1990 with my chronic pain. I hurt my back having my second child. Listening to the doctor, I went to a chiropractor for long time. They totally destroyed the rest of my back. Was in pain care for two decades. Now I’m out of pain care because of all the people that misused the pain meds. We voted long time ago to pass this law. I understand it takes time but this is ridiculous. People like me with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain in back, anxiety and depression. If this helps, which I totally agree, it does help, then help us who have paid the price of being done certain ways because of one’s that abuse the help for pure self enjoyment. I don’t want to be high. This helps me and millions of other people. Do something for the ones that really need it. We will remember this at voting times. Thank you.

  8. Dana Williams on

    I am a voter & will not vote for Mike Strain. I have cancer & sick & in pain 24/7 from the treatments. Why must we suffer Louisiana.

  9. Johnny on

    This is absolutely ridiculous. This could have all been avoided if the Politician’s would worry about results instead of pointing fingers.
    It’s time to get the product to the people in need. We are all sick of unfilled promises.
    Just do your job Mike Strain… For once!

  10. Will Staiger on

    What a joke! Louisiana politics are a joke. We vote things through and it cant get started because they cant figure out a way to get rich from it. So sad, wish we could start over, elect all new leaders, people who ACTUALLY REPRESENT THE CITIZENS WHO ELECTED THEM!!!!

    • Greg bollman on

      I have nerve damage in lower back, doctors tell me if they go in and that’s a big if I could be paralyzed. I just had bypass surgery on 5-17 and it was a bad situation, I ended up with another collapsed vain and one that just disappeared. Going for vitality test to see what options I have. Can’t take opiates because of my condition. My toes are curled on left foot do to the nerve damage so walking is a night mare. I know smoking marijuana is illegal but that is the only way I have found that allows me some sort of a life. I’m 66 and have the greatest grand babies and could lose the ability to see them if caught. I am on the list to receive medical marijuana from the Healing Clinic in Shreveport since 12-18. They have bent over backwards to help me, but their hands are tied do to the heartless politicians that are supposed to be working to make our lives better and only succeed in causing problems when there are all these states that have programs that are working to help the sick and incapacitated citizens. The question is why would an elected official be doing such a bad job know that the the people that are hurting will surely vote them out and pray that they we can vote a better person in that have our needs in mind. I’m just like everyone else in that the politicians said 12-18 we would get the dispensary opened and then 3-19 and then 5-19 and now summer of 19. I don’t know what to do for I surly need relief of this pain.

  11. Jackie on

    So I’ve got a question. If I’ve been approved and have a medical marijuana card from another state can I legally smoke in Louisiana? I can buy the marijuana at NUMEROUS dispensaries; in my state they’re on every corner. Why Louisiana can’t get it together is beyond me. They legalized marijuana before my state did.

  12. Siteka paul on

    I too have been approve for medical marijuana as well and I cant wrap my mind around the waiting time it has took.i suffer from 3 back surgeries, neuothopy,and a lot of more problems…and you can bet when election time comes he wont get my vote(Mike Strain)

  13. Shelly on

    I came from a state that I had my card It was amazing I wasn’t addicted to OPIOIDS anymore after I broke my neck. Now I am back on them cause I fallow the laws but I also vote and so does all my family and they have seen first hand what is going on and how fast it works to relax and help me function on a day to day Basis

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