Louisiana cannabis grower raises questions about state’s MMJ testing blueprint

Louisiana’s only operating medical marijuana grower is uneasy about the state’s plan to test the crop itself instead of using third-party laboratories.

The president of licensed grower GB Sciences Louisiana, John Davis, said the Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s new regulatory scheme complicates procedures such as appealing contested test results.

“If I disagree … or if any of the vendors disagree with the department test results, who are we supposed to appeal to seek relief if the department is the ‘independent lab?’ ” Davis told The Advocate of Baton Rouge.

“They’re creating potentially new complications with their desired regulatory scheme.”

Marijuana grown by the state’s two approved producers is supposed to be tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the crop’s safety.

But the state agriculture department said all laboratories that responded to its request for proposals failed to meet state requirements, leaving it to temporarily conduct the tests.

Davis said the product tests being conducted by the agriculture department is expected to take up to six weeks, longer than the industry standard.

The law allowing medical marijuana in Louisiana was passed in 2016, and Davis said the two-year-plus delay in solving the laboratory issue is concerning.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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5 comments on “Louisiana cannabis grower raises questions about state’s MMJ testing blueprint
  1. Janna Simms on

    My Mother committed suicide in Louisiana waiting for medical Marijuana. She was 86, on a legal cocktail of drugs that would curl your hair! The sleep “aids” prevented her from sleeping by lowering her oxygen to panic levels, the morphine caused so much digestive pain it cancelled out any “painkilling” it might have accomplished, and the Xanax carved a hole in her soul that NOTHING could fill. She hated us ALL at the end, because we would not supply unlimited Xanax!
    I gave her some pot cookies twice, and SHE GOT SOME SLEEP, managing to relax and converse for two days. It would have worked, but my ILLEGAL source in Louisiana DIED, and I had to return to another PROHIBITION state where I live!

    My personal experience is backed up by the University of Tel Aviv and many other responsible researchers.
    But Mama had to save pills and overdose!
    Ya’ll had better fix this!

    • Warren Puffit on

      If that’s not a compelling argument for exactly what GB is asking the state to do I don’t know what is. My heart pours out to you and all the other suffering, deprived patients.

    • Mike on

      I am sorry for your loss and the trials you and your family have gone through. The problem lies with our money hungry politicians each trying to get their hands on the money it will produce. Their greed has caused a lot of pain and suffering and I will remember them come election time.

  2. Michael on

    Louisiana it still comes down to crooked money hungry grabbing politicians that don’t care about the hurting citizens at all. Every freaking department in the state that can is trying to make money off of medical marijuana and all they have accomplished is delaying getting it to the patients that need it.

  3. Bobby on

    First I’m sorry for your loss Janna , but remember election time will come and commissioner of the agriculture & Forestry department MIKE STRAIN will be replaced come election time because of these type of political tactics. This state is better than these type of people.Old school politics is like a cancer in Baton Rouge Capital. There are numerous other medical marijuana programs that use these independent lab test results and are operating just fine. Louisiana is not the first!!!! Mr. John Davis I’m a Louisiana Native and will spread the word about this embarrassing situation.This program can SAVE LIVES !!!!!

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