Louisiana medical marijuana grower plans ‘limited release’ of product in May

A Louisiana medical cannabis cultivator is planning to release a limited amount of product in May, which could temporarily alleviate some frustration from the ongoing delay in the program’s rollout.

However, it’s still not clear when sales would begin.

GB Sciences, which has the contract to cultivate medical marijuana for Louisiana State University, will release the marijuana it has grown in a temporary facility to the nine permitted pharmacies in the state, The Acadiana Advocate reported.

The move stems from patients and advocates protesting the slow progress of the program.

For more details on the limited release of MMJ in Louisiana, click here.

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One comment on “Louisiana medical marijuana grower plans ‘limited release’ of product in May
  1. Bob Gobert on

    Louisiana program is a JOKE! The program will never make money without smokeable product and more qualifying conditions. Why not follow Colorado? Don’t you want to make money? The first 40 million in taxes goes right to the public school system. I haven’t seen anything like that in Louisiana!

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