Louisiana medical cannabis supplies adequate, state says

Louisiana medical marijuana dispensaries aren’t reporting any supply shortages or other problems two weeks after patients began receiving products.

That was the consensus Monday from state regulatory officials at a meeting to update MMJ supporters about the progress of Louisiana’s program.

John Davis, an executive with GB Sciences Louisiana, one of two state-sanctioned MMJ growers, told the panel the program has about 5,000 patients so far.

Louisiana became the first Deep South state to dispense medical marijuana on Aug. 6, four years after state lawmakers agreed to give qualified patients access to the products.

Nine medical marijuana pharmacies are permitted to dispense the products.

The first available product is a mint-flavored liquid tincture.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “Louisiana medical cannabis supplies adequate, state says
  1. Michael Kessler on

    Who can afford it ? It can cost up to $900.00 a year to see a Medical Marijuana Doctor which is mandatory law for Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program. The medical marijuana medicine can cost up to $250.00 for one months supply. Total cost for one year required doctor visits with recommendation prescription, plus one years supply of medical marijuana not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or any insurance in the state of Louisiana totals to $3900.00 out of pocket expense. Not even all Pain Management Doctor’s are approved to write the recommendation for Medical Marijuana. Today my Pain Management Doctor said they do not write recommendations and if I was to go and get a recommendation, get the script filled and use Medical Marijuana that they would not longer prescribe my pain pills, they can treat me as a patient but will NOT write any prescriptions for pain medicine. What good is this program to anybody except, rich people, and patients that are NOT injured from Work Related Injuries that are on Worker’s Compensation. One of the major deciding factors in determining a injured patients case for disability is the pain medication that they are prescribed. Does the pain medicine required to treat the patient allow the patient to function in a normal manner in which the said patient is not considered to be under the influence or impaired and could present themselves as a possible harm to their self or other workers. Can the patient legally drive without being considered impaired ? If a doctor will not fill out the required paper work for Worker’s Compensation, Worker’s Compensation will stop your disability check and not pay for your needed medical treatment such as doctor’s office visits, required prescribed medication, physical therapy, any medical braces, and, devices designed to help the injured patient. So I ask, what good is this Medical Marijuana Program to anyone injured from a Work Related Accident, and anyone that can not afford $3900.00 cash money out of pocket expense for one year of Medical Marijuana and one year of the required Doctor’s written recommendation for Medical Marijuana ? Until Louisiana changes the rules and regulations that allows a more affordable medication, such as flower from the plant that can be vaporized, and Doctor recommendations that are good for a year and do not require you to have to pay a doctor every month for a legal recommendation, this program will lack a significant number of qualified patients that can afford medical marijuana. The Federal Government needs to make Medical Marijuana legal and insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid, need to pay for the medicine just as they do prescribed medications.

  2. Yauai Lovely'n on

    Yahweh say Louisiana is Overrating Medical Cannabis. I think Louisiana should create a Simpler Way for Adults to be able to Heal from a Failed Society of Drugs and Alcohol. Everone Has problems and Free Will. Why Keep the tree of life from people. The ones who need it will keep it the ones that don’t will leave it alone the people will divide them self. Recreational use is the Key to Success in this type of healing.

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