Louisiana medical marijuana sales won’t begin before May

Another delay of Louisiana’s medical marijuana program means MMJ products likely won’t be available in the state until May at the earliest, according to The Times-Picayune of New Orleans.

The lack of an independent testing lab in large part has been holding up the program, which initially was expected to launch in late 2018.

More information surrounding the delay is available here.

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One comment on “Louisiana medical marijuana sales won’t begin before May
  1. Mike Kessler on

    The delays just keep on coming and coming. Made legal in 2016 and still no product for consumption. The Louisiana Department Of Agriculture and Forestry turned down three companies that lobbied for the right to test the produced marijuana and now have decided to do their own testing which seems extremely bias and profitable for LDAF. Commission Dr. Mike Strain of the LDAF has held up the process extensively and now claims are being made it is the fault of the Louisiana State Police due to the background investigation of stock holders for LSU ag and GB Sciences. Strain claims LSU ag and GB Sciences has not submitted ask for by the State Police, Lt. Saleem EL-Amin who stated he sent a third deficiency letter dated Feb 5, 2019 to the Agriculture Department outlining what needed to be filled out to complete the State Police investigation, among the requirements were various organizational charts and information on investors. It is the third letter and without the corrections it delays the process of investigation of GB Sciences. LSU AgCenter and GB Sciences states it has been an exhaustive effort to comply and they have passed their building inspection and internal operating procedures have been approved. The contract with GB Sciences and LSU AGCenter has been approved since September 2017, GB Sciences has invested over $8 million dollars and they have worked closely with the LDAF and still there is major delay.

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