Louisiana regulators allege LSU medical cannabis cultivation team violated law

An ongoing dispute has intensified in Louisiana, pitting regulators against one of the state’s medical marijuana cultivation teams, but it’s unclear whether the quarrel will further delay an MMJ program that’s been slow to get off the ground.

In a letter Monday, the state’s Agriculture Department told Louisiana State University’s AgCenter and its cannabis-growing partner, GB Sciences, they had violated the law and state regulations by moving plants from a temporary facility to a main processing plant without permission.

The movement of the plants was characterized as a way for GB Sciences to increase its production capacity.

According to The (Baton Rouge) Advocate, LSU AgCenter coordinator Ashley Mullens sent a letter Friday to the Agriculture Department saying the state was exceeding its oversight authority by placing conditions on whether the plants could be moved.

State officials wouldn’t say Tuesday what they plan to do next. LSU AgCenter officials didn’t immediately respond for comment.

Here is the latest on Louisiana’s MMJ program:

  • MMJ products aren’t expected to be available until May at the earliest.
  • The LSU/GB Sciences team remains ahead in the process, despite the tension between it and the state.
  • A second cultivation team led by Louisiana’s Southern University was delayed because of a dispute among the owners of the private cultivation firm Advanced Biomedics. In November, Pennsylvania-based Ilera Holistic Healthcare took over that contract.

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10 comments on “Louisiana regulators allege LSU medical cannabis cultivation team violated law

    Anyone in government that opposes ending the racist pot laws should be arrested for conspiracy to falsely imprison, rob and disenfranchise from the vote. They are all to stand down along with the bloodriders they call cops ….. We have endured 40 million arrest and lives ruined. It must stop.

    • Michael on

      wow [previous comment] … right out of the intelligence (or lack there of) of the reverse racist, indoctrinated and enslaved with ideology, mind-controlled servant of the voice of hatred. I must object, as your comment has NOTHING to do with the article posted. What really is the need to hate? Did you learn anything about this law, the operation, and when it’s available for public prescription? Did you even notice what State, or recognize what State’s Rights are invoked? Gheez. And I expect Mr. Clifton thinks he’s entitle to making a good candidate for intelligent reform, and a knowledgeable and responsible voter?

  2. Michael Kessler on

    Here we go again. Louisiana politics at its finest holding up progress just like they do with education, construction, jobs, and the economy. Oklahoma approved medical marijuana in June or July 2018, their sales have exceeded $10 million dollars from December 2018 to the present day of March 05, 2019. Louisiana has legalized medical marijuana since 2016 and they still can’t get medication to the patients due to Dr. Mike Strain and the Agriculture Department along with the State Police holding up the process. I will never vote for Mike Strain again or anyone else that has held up the production and sales of medical marijuana due to financial greed, especially while thousands of patients suffer needlessly. Testimony from epileptic children hasn’t even motivated or touched these cold hearted politicians. Shame on everyone of you.

    • Jane Doe on

      Yea. I agree with you. This is a crying shame for anyone medically needing medical marajuana. These darn politicians should never be voted back in office. They care about there own pockets and not the american people in the state of louisiana!!!

    • Johnson on

      Politicians are cold hearted , all of them. We have no statesman’s anymore just greedy politicians feeding at the trough. I hope they all die of cancer and have only chemo to poison their miserable souls with. But god don’t punish people not even the buffoons. I wish he did.

    • Brian Murrish on

      I am Brian Murrish in 88’ was hit by a car and I am having to deal with a brain that got hit on the right & the left side of my body is affected, not to mention my state of mind. In my former job I was walking & my foot got stuck between a broken part of the patio & was dealing with spasticity, there was a corporate policy that you had to go see a therapist if you had drugs in your system, well I did I smoked some marijuana to help ease the spasticity, I read something on the internet that this helps & it does. I guess you have to pick which state to be brain injury’ed in.

  3. Winton Couch on

    By stammering such MM Laws people are not only stuck but by virtue leaving the state for legal grounds. From seizures to chronic pain patients they the patients are forced to Pain Clinics to be prescribed dangerous drugs ie Opiods. This is senseless due to Opiod addictions. Big Pharma is still in the swamps that haven’t been drained. The rich get richer and the others get screwed.When they figure out how to tax and litigate the process for their personal gain we will see compliance and then the distribution of Mm to the well deserving.

  4. Dan on

    Just legalize the stuff already. Recreational use and medical use. So many benefits and a lot of money to be made. How stupid can Louisiana be.

  5. carl on

    The state needs to follow the federal law and keep it illegal this should have never been signed into law and needs to be revoked.

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