Louisiana Senate votes against medical marijuana inhaler provision

Louisiana lawmakers rejected a provision that would let medical cannabis patients use inhalers, which could have provided some additional sales opportunities for MMJ businesses in the state.

The Louisiana House had overwhelmingly agreed to the proposal, but the state Senate shot it down by a 21-14 vote.

The measure was intended to allow vaping through an inhaler similar to what an asthma patient uses.

But some lawmakers didn’t think the language was tight enough.

Regulatory disagreements have slowed the launch of Louisiana’s MMJ program, but products could be available later this month.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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5 comments on “Louisiana Senate votes against medical marijuana inhaler provision
  1. Michael on

    I hope every registered voter in Louisiana remembers how the Commissioner Of Agricultural Mike Strain has held up getting medical marijuana to patients in severe need. How in the world he can make so many rules and regulations and be the inspector of medical marijuana that has the final say so if and when medical marijuana will be available for consumption is beyond comprehension. Louisiana politics are so dirty it is pathetic, no wonder Louisiana places last in almost every category there is as a failing grade.

  2. Roy Gordon on

    Aren’t we all tired of listening to how bad Louisiana’s finances are… every year same old thing… the state needs revenue !!!! The second part of this is the people of the state … the ones with anxiety, malnourishment, seizures and all the other medical issues that can be helped with legal Cannabis. Stop with all the asinine reasons for not allowing Cannabis to be sold… personally, I have no appetite and would have severe malnourishment issues, if I didn’t know somebody who has marijuana … trouble is, it’s not always available and my weight and health is always in a flux….
    I’m asking that Louisiana either passes a bill for medical marijuana or recreational use…. I’m tired of suffering

    • Todd brasseaux on

      U said it the best I have muscular dystrophy and did my first bottle which they start u on a very low dose after two weeks 14 days I fax the record u keep and then they supposed to get u in well the sooniest they can get me in is the18th which I’m out and a lot of other people first bottle is more like a trail so no one will are can make that last a month so because of all the bull shit have to wait till the 18th

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