Massachusetts Company’s Dispensary Licenses in Jeopardy

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A company’s licenses to operate two medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts are in jeopardy after reports surfaced that a key executive misled officials about his college background.

Kevin Fisher, executive director of New England Treatment Access, was found to have submitted false information in the company’s application documents for the licenses – first by a screening firm working with the state and then by The Boston Globe.

Amid the revelations, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said he is putting the two licenses on hold so the state can investigate the situation further.

“We’re trying to understand whether, in fact, it was a lie,” Patrick said. “That’s not clear yet.”

Fisher reportedly claimed he received a bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University, when the college had no record of him graduating. The Globe also reported that Fisher claimed he’d studied for two years at Miami University in Ohio, but the school said Fisher dropped out after just one year.

State officials scoring MMJ business applications were apparently aware of the discrepancies but granted the company two dispensary licenses anyway.